Early Versions of Duet and Allo Leaked in APKMirror, Although You Can Do Little with Them

Is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep a secret, and although this time Google has managed relatively catch us by surprise with its two applications of communication recent: Duo and Allo. The first is a smart chat application, while the second offers video calling in the simplest way possible.

Both applications are already available on prior registration in Google Play, which is a very tremendous name to sign up to receive a mere notice When they are officially available, but how could it be otherwise, someone It has leaked versions hardened to APKMirror.

Not you too, emotions both filtered applications are still very green and basically they do not let you do anything safely installing, open them and patiently wait for a confirmation code which will never come. These applications are intended to be used internally, so that they do not work outside of the controlled test environment.

Curiosity, and these Duo Allo filtered, which are neither more nor less than the version 0.1 to Allo and 0.0 for Duo seem to be weekly builds of April and have names and icons as generic as Messages y Video Calling.

Not recommend to install them because you’re not going to get to see nothing but a screen informing you that it is confidential, and a window to enter your phone number to verify, but if you are a man of action probably we won’t listen anyway, so here are the links: Allo, Duo.