Disciples Look-With The Right Makeup

Time between us: 40 + you have to watch pretty with make-up, that it is not painted and that the makeup as younger cheats. Makeup artists put principle, therefore not colors for make-up.In other words: soft taupe and grey-brown tones for the eye makeup and mixed tones of beige, Rose and apricot for lips and blush.

The Proper Basis for “Young” Skin

An even complexion is a real young makers. A cream Foundation with care effect provides for the dry skin. For oily skin, a compact is perfect makeup with Matt effect. So that the skin tone naturally acts, applies to the purchase of a first coat: test basically during the day and in the Chin and neck area. The color is not visible, it is just right. When strong dark circles, shadows, a concealer miracles (such as “an anti-aging concealer with lifting effect”, Artdeco, approx. €17).Apply around the eyes, and blur delicate outward.

My Young Trick: Frame Eye

The eyebrows are the framework for the eye and leave expressive they seem. Who has sparse or too light brows like I, can beautify fit them with special powder to hair color. My favorite: eyebrow powder with a mascara brush (such as “Natural brow shaper & hair touch up”, Bobbi Brown, €22).

Focus on Beautiful Eyes

If the eyes begins to hang out, it is important to give their contour, because that seems like a lift. I put this on taupe eye liner (our site), with which I prefer a thin eyeliner on the upper lash, the I verwische with an eye shadow applicator slightly upwards, because hard lines earlier. Then I ink my eyelashes carefully because mascara visually opens up the eyes and enlarged.

If I have even more time and inclination, I makeover my eyes so: I dust with a brush, eye shadow in beige (such as “No. 02 trench”, Burberry, €26) on the movable eyelids. Then I give taupe eye shadow eyeshadow brush, and thus prefer to the crease from outside to inside. Then I verwische the color slightly upwards. Very important: After you take the color with the brush, always at the back of the hand stripping. So, to prevent too much paint is applied, and the makeup to great effect. Finally apply still the eyelashes.

Beautiful Full Lips

Applies when it comes to color: never too dark! Sounds like BlackBerry, red-brown or Maroon let us look namely loose a couple of years older. A real Age Kick is lip gloss with the anti-aging active ingredient of hyaluronic acid, because he seems like a blur , and the gloss the lips full look like (E.g. “hydro lip smoothie”, make up factory, about €12, Rose apricot for a warm skin tone is ideal for a cool skin tone,).

Lifting Kick Rouge

A touch of Rouge in beige-Rose gives the skin a glow, the only pregnant skin has or a walk by the sea brings (such as “Blush Camelia Rose”, Chanel, around €45). When applying to start in the middle of the cheek bone and the Rouge blur to the temples. It has a real Young effect!