Cultural Characteristics in Ireland Part 2

Tradition-conscious and open-minded

Ancient stories and traditional customs are omnipresent in Ireland. Especially in the Munster region, the residents emphasize their Gaelic origins. Every child knows Irish stories about the origins of Ireland and they love to sing about the old myths when they are together in the pub in the evenings.

Music and literature play an important role in the emotional people. Some Irish writers like George Bernard Shaw or Samuel Beckett are world famous today. It therefore makes sense that books should not be subject to VAT in Ireland. To learn more about the country of Ireland and continent of Europe, please follow nexticle.

The numerous well-preserved castles, monasteries and ruins from the time of the Celts make the historical origins of Irish culture tangible. Despite their strong historical awareness, the Irish people are open to new ideas or ways of life and do not stick to old traditions. A good example of this is the approval of same-sex marriages since May 2015.

Sociability despite individualism

The meeting place in Ireland is the pub, which is an abbreviation for public house. A common food or drink with friends and colleagues are popular leisure activities. With live music, everyone spends a round on their group and enjoys the time instead of turning every penny twice.

Irish pop and rock music is known all over the world, and not just because of its success at the Eurovision Song Contest. Songs like ” Whiskey in the Jar ” give an impression of the rustic atmosphere in the pubs. Criticism of politics is part of many box office hits, but outsiders should hold back.

The cohesion of Irish families with their social environment is great. Nevertheless, the economic situation in the country forces many young Irish to seek their fortune elsewhere. Determination and competitive behavior are just as important in Ireland as solidarity. Anyone who asks for help will get it.

Flat hierarchies

In the Irish working world, at university and in everyday life, people meet at eye level. The lecturers have an open ear for the problems and ideas of their students. A chat in between is also always welcome. Meetings with the locals often take place with the family.

Social origin is irrelevant in Ireland. The personal performance counts and commitment is appreciated. But: Anyone who prides themselves on their achievements and puts themselves above others will not go down well with the people in Ireland.

Enthusiasm for sports

The Irish people show team spirit in sport too. Many Gaelic sports such as hurling, rugby or Gaelic football have their home in the traditional Munster region. The All Ireland Hurling Finals take place on the first Sunday in September. The female variant Camogie is also popular and attracts a large number of spectators to the stadium.

Sport holds the community together in Ireland. The geographical conditions not only make hiking and climbing possible, but also surfing and skiing. Equestrian sport mainly attracts an international audience. Students also get to know the outdoor paradise through numerous university sports courses.

Behavioral tips for Ireland

In order to take into account cultural characteristics in Ireland, it is helpful to consider a few behavioral tips for local life. In general, the people of Ireland are very helpful and forgiving, so they apologize for any missteps made by outsiders. If you are unsure, it is advisable to simply ask.

It takes time to really get to know the country and its people. The Irish view constant comparison with other cultures, a typical phenomenon of culture shock, with patriotic skepticism. As in many other countries, political discussions are reserved for the residents and are a rather unsuitable topic for small talk.

When they arrive in Ireland, German students first set the clock back one hour to adjust to local time. Even if life in Ireland is usually a bit slower, the larger cities are modern hotspots with something going on at any time of the day or night. Anyone who is out and about in the evening must know that drinking alcohol in public is not permitted. Smoking in public buildings also results in high fines.

International students can quickly connect with the services offered by universities in Ireland. During the evening together in the pub, everyone orders a drink round for the group. Visitors should definitely not forget that, otherwise they will drink their Guinness alone next time. Sláinte!

The car stops in Ireland at the latest from 0.5 per mille. It is also important to pay attention to left-hand traffic, even as a pedestrian. Cars with a large L sticker receive special attention, as the driver as a learner driver does not yet have a driver’s license.

Dos and Don’ts

DOS Don’ts
Stay calm. Stupid or over-the-top behavior is not popular in Ireland. Political issues or criticism of Ireland are not suitable for small talk.
In the pub, payment is usually made when ordering. Bartenders usually only accept tips when they say ” Have one for yourself later.” In the pub everyone spends one round on the group. Anyone who forgets that is quickly seen as antisocial.
A short greeting on the street is gladly returned. Oncoming drivers also greet each other on narrow streets. Hugs or kisses on the cheek are rather uncommon as a greeting. A handshake is enough.
Small favors are always welcome with an invitation. Smoking is prohibited in public buildings.
After a sightseeing tour, the guides often receive a small tip from the group. As in New Zealand and Australia, the inverted V sign is an obscene gesture.

Cultural Characteristics in Ireland Part 2

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