Cree Q5 LED Flashlight: Real Laptop

After having been quite impressed with the lighting provided by the Cree XML-T6 LED flashlight , we wanted to try out anotherLED flashlight, but this time we wanted something that was really light and could be carried in a pocket with no problems.That is why today we are going to review the Cree Q5 LED flashlight.

This flashlight has a very contained dimensions: 9.2cm long and 2.4cm in diameter, and a weight of 80g (with battery), so youcan carry it anywhere. Although it does not have operating modes or a very large focus amplitude as the XML-T6, it does have zoom, which can be very useful in some situations.


It incorporates a Cree LED Q5 ( Datasheet in PDF , model XReWHT-L1-0000-00D01), with color temperature between 5000K and 8300K (cold white). The luminous flux that can offer this LED is of approximately 230 lumen with a consumption of 1A, it is better not to do much case to which announces the manufacturer and to go directly to the datasheet.


The Cree Q5 flashlight accepts two types of power:  a Lithium Ion battery type 14500 or 1 AA alkaline battery. Obviously, the luminous flux will not be the same with both batteries since the 14500 gives a voltage of 3.6V and the AA of 1,5V approximately. To have a very similar size, you have to be careful with this type of batteries since if, if by carelessness they end up in the remote of the TV, we can leave it fried.

Ion Lithium Ion 14500 batteries need a special charger, so the issue of accepting batteries is also very helpful and can get us out of an emergency situation.


Here are some tests we have done with the flashlight leaving the settings of the camera in manual mode and identical in all three pictures. In this case the flashlight used the Lithium Ion 14500 battery.

Where To Buy It

The online store where we have obtained this LED flashlight at best price is Banggood, a Chinese shop type Dealextreme or Focalprice where they do not charge shipping costs and orders to Spain take approximately 3 weeks (in our case 15 calendar days). They have it in these variants:

Cree Q5 Flashlight: € 3.95 (June 2013)

Cree Q5 Flashlight Submersible: € 4.75 (June 2013)

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