Best Travel Time and Climate for Brazil

According to Mathgeneral, Brazil’s climate varies noticeably depending on the region. The main travel season is the European winter (December to March), when it is usually very hot and the temperature can rise to 43 ° C.

The main season starts just before Christmas and lasts until Carnival. Carnival usually falls between February and early March, depending on the year. During this time the country tends to be very crowded, so you should book accommodation and flights in advance. The prices in Brazil are very high, especially on New Year’s Eve and during Carnival. This time is the best time to travel to Brazil because the weather is good and the temperatures are warm.

Another good time to travel is the Brazilian spring from September to mid-November. The months of March to May, i.e. directly after the carnival, are also a good time to travel. At these times of the year the prices are significantly lower and the crowds are no longer as high as at the optimal travel time in the main season.

From June to August it is quite cool and it rains a lot and heavily. It is possible to travel in the country, but due to the climatic conditions, other months are much more recommended.

Rain is normal in Brazil all year round, but it does not affect daily life. From June to August it is winter in Brazil, but the cold usually only hits the southern regions below Rio de Janeiro. The dry interior in the northeast (north of Salvador) only receives rain for a few months of the year, there can even be periods of drought. There is often a nice breeze from the ocean.

The annual average temperature increases from south to north. At the equator the average temperature is 27 ° C, on the coasts it is mostly between 23-27 ° C and in the highlands at 18-21 ° C. Humidity is high everywhere, especially along the coast.

If you want to spend New Year’s Eve in Brazil, you should arrive after Christmas. December 25th is a family day and most restaurants and shops are closed.

The maximum temperature in Brazil is 30 ° C in September. In June and July the thermometer rises to a maximum of 26 ° C. The summer (June to September) with average 28 ° C very warm . In the winter months it is around 27 ° C very warm . During the day, the annual mean temperature in Brazil is a warm 27.6 ° C.

At night it gets coldest with 13 ° C in June and July. While the nights in summer are averaging a pleasant 14 ° C, the thermometer drops to a warm 18 ° C at night between November and March. The temperature averages 16.3 ° C at night all year round.

With 20 rainy days, December is the rainiest month of the year. The July is the driest month of the year . From June to September Brazil is very dry with an average of only around 2 rainy days, the winter (November to March) is humid with 17 rainy days. An annual average of 9.6 days of rain falls per month.

Best Travel Time and Climate for Brazil

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