Babs Fishing Diary “November 2012”

TheLlast Month

What a month… fishing at the lake of Plön, FP Stuttgart, Anspo, fishing in Amsterdam and a WDR rotation + my usual chaos:

Only to visit Schleswig Holstein, I wanted to annoy the pike in the Plöner lake, this only worked in part; Since I have now probably a bill open. I’ll be back. The Anspo with its many new products was really great, big thanks to the many visitors. As a Cologne woman in Düsseldorf? Had so my concerns, nevertheless, I dared and was received at the WDR TV show “home and on the way” friendly. The aquarium in the studio had a real miracle against stage fright. As shown in Fig.

My Highlight

For the first time in my life, I spent the night on a houseboat. In the middle of the city of Amsterdam. A great feeling so close to the fish to sleep. Instead of counting sheep, catch fish.

Get out of the living room into the fishing boat. The first morning, together with Juul Steyn, went into the great labyrinth of canals. Most of the time we fished with the drop-shot assembly on pike-perch. But there were also surprisingly many good perches.

Pirate alert! What would you do for a big fish?  According to aLLTIMEFISHING.COM, I fished under the Black Pearl, apparently nobody else and pirates would be fishing… for under the ship some striped treasures swam around.

Even the shaded squares below the bridges were always worth a try. Whether towed or thrown. Almost every bridge gave bite.

To get to know the city we drove along countless beautiful canals and I dragged my pike bait behind the boat, sightseeing differently.

During the day fishing, evening go out. Rarely is such a good fish stock so great to combine with culture. Anyone who wants to sleep over the fish will get more information here.

View in the Future

The cold months are gradually ushered in, and the predators call me. At the Müritz I will try my luck again with my new pike-fishing on my old native waters.

Tight Lines, Your Babes