Augusta, Kentucky Population, Schools and Places of Interest

Augusta, Kentucky is a small town located in Bracken County, just north of the Ohio River. The city borders a number of other cities and towns, including Brooksville, Maysville, Abington, and Germantown. Each of these towns has something unique to offer visitors.

Brooksville is just a short drive away from Augusta and is known for its historic buildings and structures. The town’s main attraction is the Brooksville Historic District which features many old buildings that were built in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Visitors can also explore the many museums in the area such as the Mason County Museum or the Old Bank Museum.

Maysville is a quaint town located on the Ohio River with plenty to offer visitors. This charming town features a number of historic sites such as an old courthouse, churches, and homes that date back to before the Civil War era. There are also several restaurants and shops to explore during your visit here.

Abington is another nearby town that offers visitors plenty of things to do. This small town boasts some excellent outdoor activities including hiking trails, fishing spots, and even an 18-hole golf course! There are also several museums here that focus on local history and culture as well as galleries featuring works from local artists.

Finally, Germantown is a small but vibrant community located just outside Augusta’s city limits. Here you’ll find excellent restaurants serving up traditional dishes like fried chicken or hot browns; shops selling antiques and collectibles; art galleries showcasing work from local artists; music venues featuring live performances from both local bands and national acts; plus much more!

No matter what brings you to Augusta, Kentucky – there are plenty of neighboring towns offering unique experiences for visitors to explore! From historic sites to outdoor activities – there’s something for everyone within easy reach of Augusta!

Population of Augusta, Kentucky

Augusta, Kentucky is a small town located in Bracken County, with a population of 1,940 according to the 2019 census. The city is known for its diverse population, which includes many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

The majority of the population (about 63%) is of European descent, mainly from Germany and England. There are also significant populations of African American (17%), Asian (4%), Native American (2%) and Hispanic/Latino (10%) people living in Augusta. This diversity gives the city its unique culture and charm.

Despite its small size, Augusta has a wide range of ages represented in its population. The median age is 41 years old, with 28% of residents under the age 18, while 25% are over 65 years old. This means that both young people and seniors can find plenty to do in this small town.

The unemployment rate in Augusta is relatively low compared to other cities in the area at just 4%. Most people living here work in professional or service sectors such as health care or retail jobs. There are also many agricultural workers due to the nearby farms and orchards that supply much of the area’s produce.

Augusta has a strong sense of community among its residents; there are numerous churches, organizations and clubs that provide support for those who need it most. Additionally, there are several schools within Augusta city limits including an elementary school, middle school and high school for local students to attend.

Overall, Augusta is a great place to live due to its diverse population and tight-knit community spirit; it’s no wonder why so many people choose to call this small town home!

Schools and Education in Augusta, Kentucky

Augusta, Kentucky is home to three public schools. Augusta Elementary School serves students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade and has an enrollment of approximately 350 students. The school offers a variety of programs such as music, physical education, and art classes. Augusta Middle School serves students in grades six through eight with an enrollment of approximately 600 students. At the middle school level, students can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities such as band and sports teams. Finally, Augusta High School serves grades nine through twelve with an enrollment of around 800 students. The high school offers advanced placement courses as well as college preparation classes for those interested in going on to pursue higher education after graduation. In addition to the public schools, there are also several private schools located in the area such as Augusta Christian Academy and Augusta Classical Academy which provide more specialized education options for families looking for a more faith-based or classical approach to learning. Check topmbadirectory for Kentucky MBA schools.

Augusta, Kentucky

Places of Interest in Augusta, Kentucky

Augusta, Kentucky is home to a variety of places of interest for visitors and locals alike. One of the most popular attractions in the city is the Augusta-Bracken County Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts from past and present Augusta. The museum offers exhibits on local history, art, and culture. Another popular attraction is the Augusta Aquatic Center which features an indoor pool, water slides, and a lazy river for recreation and relaxation. The Augusta Nature Preserve is also worth exploring with its miles of trails perfect for hiking or biking. For those interested in shopping, downtown Augusta offers a variety of unique boutiques and stores to explore. Finally, no visit to Augusta would be complete without visiting one of the many wineries located in the area such as Cedar Hill Winery or White Oak Vineyards & Winery. Whether you’re looking for adventure or relaxation, there’s something for everyone in beautiful Augusta Kentucky!

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