An Adhesive Bra Charged with Cause Burns

A bra without straps and back popularized on Instagram is accused by some users to cause burns on the chest.

If you go regularly on Instagram, you’ve probably seen ads for a ‘magical’ bra pass on your news feed. Totally devoid of straps and fasteners, it sticks to the chest using adhesive strips and tightens with a lace according to the desired push-up effect.

Promoted videos that swarm over social networks, shows young women lay on their chest before tightening it up to underwear about its impact in Volumizer. If Buzzfeed did test to editors at the breasts of different sizes to make sure its unbelievable effect and concluded that it would not all breasts and did not do very well, the bra is today accused to cause more serious problems.

A young American of Maryland, named Jami Catherine Moran Jessop, has provided one of the models of the brand Tidetell on Amazon, and has been victim of burns on the breasts. She told his misadventure on Facebook: “I have never been so bad in my life. The BRA you see is responsible for my Burns, I don’t want anyone to live it. I’ll never buy this product”says the young woman in a statute with a screenshot of the model of the BRA as well as pictures of his bruised chest.

“I couldn’t remove the BRA.

The young woman then tells that it is written on the package that it is not recommended to wear bra when it is very hot because the temperature can “drag”: “and well I wore it and it has not slipped, on the contrary, it was”glue”to my”. chest. I wasn’t warm but in a few minutes (…) I couldn’t remove the BRA. Do not buy this product”end Jami Catherine Moran Jessop.

Remarks corroborated by other users in the comments of the publication of the young woman, shared more than 67 000 times in less than a month. Others defend the product, citing the possibility of an allergy to latex. Several brands offer this kind of bra and make advertising social networks. Recently in the United States, the model Amber Rose is advertising of one of these bras.