6 Mistakes When Doing Trekking You Should Never Commit

Adrenaline challenge, contact with nature, freedom… Make trekking experience all these things. But it’s not because outdoor activities have always a dose of adventure, on lack of preparation, you need to go through complicated situations, isn’t it?

So, if you know how to deal with unforeseen events is important, but to prevent them is even better, don’t miss this opportunity to discover six mistakes that should never be committed to do trekking. Ready to start?

1. Do Not Carry The Necessary Equipment To Make Trekking

It should be obvious, right? But there are people who take risks by not taking equipment and basic items for the trekking, as thermal insulator, sunscreen, flashlight with extra batteries, cell phone charged, a whistle and other outdoor equipments.

It may seem a lot, but it will be extremely beneficial to have these items handy, in case of emergency. Not to forget anything, make a list and check out everything before you leave home.

2. Do Not Test Their Equipment

As important as taking the necessary equipment is test them. Before travelling, it is essential to verify that each item that will be taken is working perfectly.

The tip goes for tents that must be assembled properly, stoves and headlamps as well as shoes, for example. After all, that could hurt your foot new boot, make it limp during the whole trail and end up with the fun of the whole group!

3. Load The Entire House On Backpack

During the trekking, it is important to rely on the items essential to survival. See the weather forecast to find out what kind of clothes will be appropriate and take only what is strictly necessary.

Without this care, the backpack can be too heavy, damaging the rhythm of the walk. What is the result? More hours walking and delays that will compromise the possibility of finalizing the adventure in the time available.

In addition, the group is very unpleasant having to reduce the pace and help take advantage of moments that were programmed because someone decided to take her home on his back.

4. Calculate The Wrong Way The Amount And Quality Of Food

It is important to know a sufficient amount of food to the total duration of trekking and take a little longer. After all, you will spend a lot of energy and also unforeseen can happen.

Try taking food lighter and with little volume, but to ensure that the amount of nutrients-especially carbs – needed to withstand the challenge. Prepare easy meals are also welcome, canned foods, instant or freeze-dried foods that are produced especially for situations such as trekking.

5. Don’t Know How To Use The Equipment For Trekking

The function of many of the equipment used to make trekking is to ensure security. So, knowing how to use them and mount them prior to travel is essential for a fun without unnecessary setbacks.

Train before setting up the tent, using the map and understand the compass and the GPS. Get lost on a track can be disastrous, therefore it is extremely necessary to prepare in advance.

6. Want To Be A Superhero

The urge to prove any superiority, some adventurers have attitudes which bring risks to themselves and to fellow travelers.

Appropriate protections for every situation, whether through clothing, shoes or correct use of equipment, must always be respected. After all, no one is indestructible and, far from any help, reckless or arrogant decisions can result in very serious consequences.

Demonstrate team spirit, always walk with the group. This can make all the difference to keep your own safety or ensure that you will be around, if a partner need help!

Now that you understand the importance of not making these six mistakes when doing trekking, is already prepared to meet these four spectacular trails to make. Check out!