4 Homemade Tips to Fight Your Child’s Night Cough

The saying goes, “The cough is hidden under the cushion” the mother knows that this is the worst time of day for children who are coughing.

4 Homemade Tips to Fight Your Child's Night Cough

Although coughing is a defense mechanism of the organism, it makes it difficult for the little ones to sleep well.

The nocturnal cough is a defense of the body for the elimination of foreign elements and secretions of the airways, is even more worrying in the small babies because they are not able to eliminate the secretions alone and end up swallowing them.

Causes of nocturnal cough in children

In most cases nocturnal cough results from flu, colds or allergies, however, it can have other causes such as:

  • Asthma
  • Rhinitis
  • Gastroesophageal reflux

Tips for Relieving Cough

A cough is healthy, however, it may help your child to get better at night with some rather simple and usually helpful tips, however, you should be aware of other symptoms and if necessary consult your doctor.

Wash your nose

The nose is one of the main causes of coughing, the secretions do not go out and end up descending into the respiratory system, especially the bronchi. The body uses cough as a way to expel these secretions, to relieve some of the cough, wipe your child’s nose with saline throughout the day and before he lies down.


Nebulisations or saline fumes are one of the most common tips used by parents, this practice moistens the mucosa of the respiratory system, which helps loosen the mucus. Use only serum or water, never add any medication without a medical indication.

Raise the bed head

The cough gets worse at night because of the position of our body, to facilitate the child’s breathing raise the head of the bed a little, if it is too small put a towel rolled under the mattress if you can already put one or two pillows. There are for sale on the market some pillows to raise the headboard, but a cushion solves the problem.


This recipe is quite old, my mother used it with me, and it usually works. Peel a medium onion and cut it into pieces, put it in a bowl or dish and place it next to your child’s bedside. The house smells quite unpleasant, but the anti-inflammatory properties of the onion work in the fight against nocturnal cough.

In case of cough persistence, or if it is associated with other symptoms such as fever, purple lips, apathy of the child it is very important that you go to a doctor immediately.