You Should Be Aware of These Jewelry Designers

It belongs to the joys of travel to discover beautiful things you can-bring as a special holiday gift from abroad for example the unusual bracelet that has made a local designer at the resort. Since we Jewelry just love how you and new in the fashion editorial labels from different countries meet, we have made a digital trip around the world and imagine now 12 jewelry designers, that particularly inspire us.

In the photo gallery at the end of the article you can click through the individual labels and their necklaces, rings, earrings from Militarynous.

Lucy folk

The Australian designer Lucy folk from Melbourne had always been a fondness for jewelry design-and the food in the Café of her father’s. As a girl, she attended a jewellery course and studied gold-and silversmiths. Since 2007, she designs her own jewellery under the label named after her-and it picks up the favorite motifs of food: pretzels, popcorn, fruit. Also brightly coloured neon colors are typical of them.

Sophie by Sophie

The Swede Sophie Gyllenhammer is a born Elster: love of glittering gemstones seems to be placed in the cradle. As a jewelry designer for her label Sophie by Sophie in Stockholm prefer working with colored, natural stones. It combines it with striking shapes to eye-catching jewellery.

Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader was born in Spain, raised in the UK and has studied jewelry design in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Today, lives the designer in the English Norfolk and created jewelry pieces that are fine and affordable. She mixes diamonds and other precious stones with gold or silver or fabric tape.

Trine tuxes

Trine tuxes, born in 1984 in the “itself” Denmark is an up-and-coming star in the industry. Under her label Trine tuxes jewelry she designs minimalist but striking pieces of jewelry with clear forms. 2013 she worked with the Danish fashion designer Stine Goya for her fashion show on the Copenhagen fashionweek. 2014, she designs the “showpieces” for the fashion designer Anne Sofie Madsen. We will keep Trine tuxes in the eye.

INA Beissner

The Ina Beissner born 1980 in Peru, has been for 2011 in the jewelry business. At that time, she presented her first collection under the label of INA Beissner jewelry in Berlin and Paris. Their jewelry pieces are all made in Germany. Silver or Golden Bells that creative brings them into necklaces, rings, earrings and Armschuck are typical of them.

Louise Damas

The young designer Louise Damas from Paris is inspired for her jewelry designs from French literature. Her heroines are Zazie, Lolita and Célimène. Her jewelry is feminine and modern with colorful fashion jewelry stones (which make the pieces) and frosted, partially braided gold.

Saskia Diez

The Creations they may have met the designer Saskia Diez from Munich. Already her first jewelry collection caused a media coverage in 2006. Since then has consistently created and produced-the ideas seem just gushing out from Saskia Diez. Saskia Diez may refer to their style as “sensual minimalism”. She understands their creations as a sign-but “they mean not always exactly that which they show”.

Vibe Harsløf

The designer Vibe Harsløf from Copenhagen has already many fans in the fashion industry, which celebrate them for their urban creations. Beads for example placed vibe Harsløf not on the ring, but in the ring, then settles like a roof over the Pearl. For shoes, she designed laces decorations made of silver and gold. Although their jewellery designs are very fashionable, they exude timeless beauty.

Sophia Zarindast

The young native of Hamburg Sophia Zarindast began as a hobby with the design of the jewelry. Now, she has four jewelry shapes, whose pieces, on demand, produce itself. Their designs, which are available only in small numbers, are brave, original and look like wearable art-deco art.


Lisa Ferreira Vanrycke is the designer behind the label Vanrycke from Paris, which itself has developed in recent years to the fashion label of the stars. The delicate, playful creations of Parisian love celebrities from Los Angeles to London. While she worked also with silver, she chooses only Rosé gold and diamonds for their collections.

Maria black

You can see the jewelry designs of the Danish Mary black at first glance. Their geometric, sometimes belligerent-looking creations in metal are unmistakable. Since 2013 Maria Black used only also diamonds and gold in addition to metal for their designs. Creative pieces of jewelry that can be partially newly assemble like LEGO are typical of Maria Black.


Behind the New York jewelry label Vale jewelry the twin sisters Ava and Eva put Bai. Together, they collect on travel inspirations for their jewellery collections, which are just as glamorous as everyday use. Their delicate jewelry pieces are meant to be combined. The motto: One ring per finger is not enough.

Here you can see more pieces of jewelry of the 12 designers: