Everything is subject to certain laws; this is particularly true of trends.Usually, they are not very durable, are placed and then when they know almost everyone, they are also already out again.Not so with the trends that we encounter in the area of ​​wrist watches.Clock centers are never short-lived, they develop much slower than their trend-conscious colleagues from the fashion sector.And once they have developed, they can not drive away so quickly.Clock emitters are stable.However, the word “trend” already implies a change, a complete standstill will not be found here either.Well so, then it will not be boring in the really diverse sector of the wrist watches.The jumps, which they put thereby thereby are not large, but the actual bang is in the detail.In addition to their actual characteristics, they are colors and certain designs, which in spring and summer 2014 also direct our attention to very special models.I will tell you today what exactly that is.

1. Women’s Watches – Trends 2014

Ladies watches are incredibly versatile.And yet it is striking that we very often approach similar models, once we have found taste on a particular watch.In recent years, the trend towards large, eye-catching watches has developed .Even very narrow wrists had suddenly adorned themselves with a huge clock.This looked gross, but was quite wanted.Even though the watches themselves were not really heavy, thanks to silicone and plastic.The colors?Bright, colorful, spectacular.

Not so in 2014. And this shows the peculiarity of this year.The watch market is changing and its direction is quite noticeable.In the spring of 2014 it may still be colorful.But ladies’ watches are now a little more subtle, more reserved.Understatement is back in. At least as far as shape and color are concerned.Pastels and classic colors are now coming back.Pastel tones fit particularly well to the first, delicate buds of spring and always contain a fresh, lively touch.They make a good mood and are absolutely artists in the field of combina- tion partners.Not only do they increasingly appear with the colors of cream and white, but also with gold. Roségold is particularly popular.And I tell you, I too have fallen into this color.She moves away from classical gold and has something very feminine about herself. Roségold looks classic and nevertheless somehow playful.It radiates romance and at the same time emanates something of seriousness.It does not work?And whether!You can see this even if you also put one of the new watch models around the wrist.

With materials and shape of your new ladies watch you are spoiled for choice.Leather, platinum or stainless steel?Or a watch with a narrow silicone bracelet ?The decision is with you.Just not too big, not too high and not too pretentious should be the new watch.And because we like to integrate women’s accessories into the rest of the look, it does not have to remain with a watch.We think it is very practical, and we can simply use classic, but also sporty models.At the sporting clocks, we are looking forward to a trend from the world of men.And he’s called Retro.Square, equipped with digital display and some additional features, we will encounter more and more women in the spring, who have borrowed the watches of their men.Trends are finally there to share them.

2nd clock center 2014 Men

And so we would have already addressed one of the trends that no watchmaker will pass in 2014.Retro is the motto.The term “retro” is now very broad.This can be a glimpse into the recent past by re-launching the popular Casio-style digital clocks.Back to the roots, without much frills, no unnecessary ballast.In a simple, simple way, man is able to find the time and date, no matter what adventure he is in.If there is a trace more elegant, then your men will still look a lot further back.Chronographs are still announced, they may also have some details that will make your life easier.On the outside, however, they shine with understatement.Watches without a lot of flair give the tone and classic models are very worn.

In the search for the perfect watch, more and more men are opting for materials like stainless steel, but also light and robust ceramic models are increasingly in demand via jibin123.com. Also striking is the look back to natural materials such as leather.Models with bracelets of robust leather convince as well as soft variants.Soft, however, refers not only to the material texture itself but also to the coloring.In addition to black, Braunts come in different facets.Brown and black are often supplemented with silver, preferably also with gold.But with all their love for the past, in 2014, men do not want to rely solely on these classic color schemes.And they show that they also like to go their own ways in terms of trends.What do you think, what color has now penetrated as an integral part?If you now think in similar dimensions as we find in the ladies’watches, then you are not quite right.It is masculine, delicate variants are at most asked for Brauntönen.Blue is the color that many men choose when purchasing watches.Powerful, masculine, striking.No big paint experiment, but at least a very nice, as I think.Deep, dark blue or navy blue are the absolute racers here.Together with the elegant styles of contemporary watch collections, everyone is in the act of turning to the gentleman.Really charming prospects, do not you think?

I’ve been in love with too many new wristwatches and I’ll have to put my wish list together.How are you?Will you buy a new watch?Which style do you prefer and are you looking for trends?