Work Clothing: Can or Can’t?

Hitting the work clothes isn’t always as simple as it sounds. A print more or a few inches less can put in check your professional image. You never thought of that? Then check out the tips of the image consultant Renata Mello to make the right choices in the wardrobe.

8 Tips to Hit Work Clothing

  1. The Prints

In more formal enterprises, the ideal is to avoid printed whole pieces or even the combination of trousers and blouses, the two pieces with prints. “The best is to opt for small sized prints,” says Renata. Already in more stripped companies, which release the wear of Bermuda, for example, there is no problem in wearing a printed dress.

  1. “Less Is Less”

Even if you feel powerful using a very short skirt, a very low-cut blouse or a bra with a beautiful knob that keeps appearing, this is not the ideal outfit to go to the company. The same goes for that blouse that leaves your belly showing. “Always remember that the work outfit is different from the weekend clothing, from what you use to stay at home or go to college,” Renata says. Ideally, the knob have two to three toes to at least cover the bra. “Ideally, she’s not so dug.”

  1. Her Flats, Yes, Pero No Mucho

Another tip from the consultant is to choose her flats that do not leave the heel out. “So they are much more suited to the corporate environment,” explains Renata.

  1. Makeup

“It does not, whatever its function, age or type of company.” That is, if you don’t enjoy all that makeup, a light base, a mascara and a lipstick can solve everything. And, of course, the basic dried in the veins too.

  1. Accessories

Another tip of the specialist is not to exaggerate the size of the accessories and always preserve your comfort and your colleagues. “If you spend all day typing, you can’t wear a bracelet that makes noise and annoys everyone.”

  1. Polo Shirt Yes, No Shirt

According to Renata, men tend to err less on the work clothing, but they make a few gaffes especially on casual day. Your tip is not to wear pants that have that weekend face and no T-shirts. “The best thing is to opt for a polo shirt” she says. That, of course, unless you work in a totally informal environment, in which T-shirts are practically the uniforms of the galley.

  1. Colors and Heats

Also for men, the consultant advises not to use very dark shirts on very hot days. “For those who perspire a lot, the ideal is to use a cotton race underneath,” says Renata.

  1. Discrete Watches

Right…Even if yours is beautiful, if it’s a scandal, it’s best to pass away from the company with it. Here, less is more.

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