Women’s Long Vest Tops

The long vest is back in the fashion world: is back. Reinterpreted with new cuts and materials, it is again a trendy must-have. Called the long vest, or even long vest or XL vest, it reveals especially style-conscious women who demonstrate a keen sense of the latest fashion trends. The sleeveless jacket, or the sleeveless coat, can be combined today to various style pieces. Trendy to the tight skinny jeans and shorts or rather daring to the knee-length pleated skirt are no limits your imagination.

Long vests for every outfit

Emphasize your glamorous style with long vests! These are very popular, which is especially due to the numerous styles and material variations. The long form is wonderful for suitable to accentuate the curves of the female body. Merge them to send blouses or shirts with short or long sleeves. You look good in the vest with open front with tight-fitting pants and tops. In the summer you can wear it with a fashionable chino hose and sandals to get a comfortable and chic look. The vest pairs well with fashionable and casual outfit, which nevertheless does not freeze you together with jeans, long sleeve shirts or turtlenecks.

Stylish in the transitional period

The trendy vests are not too hot and not too cold, and always guaranteed stylish! Especially in spring and autumn, the long vest is the ideal garment for the transitional period. The vest keeps you warm and make your outfit complete. The elegant and classic vest crafted with mainly of wool, cotton, silk or linen. For a casual look, there is also a vest from jeans or corduroy. On particularly cold days, the vests are ideally suited to elegant pants, skirts and jeans. Choose a faux fur or faux fur vest. Combined with the simple jeans or evening outfit, they keep warm and look into the bargain also still great.

Women's Long Vest Tops