Women’s Long Blouses to Wear with Leggings

Here you will find beautiful long blouses online. The long blouses are the secret of every wardrobe and impossible to imagine! But what, exactly, are long blouses? Mistakenly, they are often confused with tunics. The difference: long blouses have a button bar, even if not always completely continuous, and often have a collar or even a loop that you can bind against the neckline. The filter function makes it easier for you to find your new blouse online.

Styling long blouses

Long blouses are miracles of styling. Theoretically, you can combine them with every conceivable outfit. For a business look, you can put your long blouse in the pants and let back hang out if you want. Here, a blazer is never wrong. The combination of long blouse and blazer makes great when you’re wearing the blouse as a dress! A leather jacket would make perfect with this outfit and create a contrast between chic and rocking. Style your long blouse with a long cardigan or wear a beautiful belt around the waist to create a playful look. You can carry on the one hand great a long blouse boyfriend-style with high shoes or sneakers.

Long blouses models

The styles of long blouses vary more than you think. Some models are simple and ordinary, other variants are very chic and fancy. Many models have a tape, which hangs from the collar off and to a loop knot which can be banded at the waist, so you can put your character in scene. Cute patch pockets and button plackets are another optical highlight. Here you’ll find plain, as well as colorful and checkered long blouses.