Women’s Latest Fashion Anandra Bags

Is there a difference between designer and brand? The answer is yes, in particular for the final consumer. A designer produces items with the backing of a great name and a great amount of publicity behind, feeding the imagination of women around the world the desire for consumption. A brand produces and sells good items with your own name, and not as pompous in the market, leaving more account for the final consumer. This is the case of Anandra bags.

The Anandra is a brand handbags, shoes and accessories that makes the basic line, to use on the same day. Its focus is neutral and popular pieces, even if the design of the collections have a chic social visual and without sport collection. The brand sugi in the 80s, but only in stores in the Southeast, so our readers from other regions may find it strange never have heard of Anandra over the past 20 years. >>

Models of Bags Anandra

All brand products are chic social type. They are models for medium shoulder and hand large, changing the collection and details for catching up with the trends but keeping the basic and elegant style.


In the collection 2014 to mark brought the main trends identified in the European market, with strip lap handbags, leopard as a strong pointer to animal fashion print winter 2015 leather synthetic snake, dual color and black basic, closed blue and green moss, for use on any occasion. The basic tonalidads to match all graphite gray, white and black are also present in the collection.

How good brand shoes national wonder, the Anandra also produces women’s shoes, alternating between sandals, sneakers and rasteirinhas for day to day. As a complementary line for accessories, wallets to match the bag or not.

Where to Buy Bags Anandra

The brand is still expanding and therefore only three physical stores located in the malls New America, Bangu and Grande Rio. The interested can purchase items from the brand even in some multi – brand stores, as Baggagio, present in the main shopping malls in Brazil, the to wear and the official website of the brand itself, which is also a virtual shop, www.anandra.com.br. To accompany the brand launches, simply access their profiles on social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instangram.

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Prices Bags Anandra

We’re talking about a brand focused on the middle class as an alternative to using something unique, with its own brand and get away a little of the luxury knockoffs, a fever in Brazil. The price is therefore very inviting, from R$100 to R$500 at most newly launched models and slightly increased. With this range of handbag price the buyer takes home a middle ground between famous brand and basic item. After all, not everyone can afford R$400 in a bag, is not it?


Anandra Bag is Good?

Who is crossing first with Anandra may find a bit odd as an unknown brand Cobra R$400 for an item. Always remember: not famous brand is not synonymous with poor quality. All items of the brand are made of original leather, even the cheapest. There may be pockets and synthetic fabric handles, but the raw material is very tough. Even the smell indicates that it is a durable material.

When buying a bag, the tip is to always observe the raw material. It is thin and does not smell of leather? You are facing a synthetic, and the bag does not last more than six months without the first tear. If you use every day it lasts less. Worth the notice.