Women’s Knitted Sweater Patterns

We can wear back cuddly knitted sweater in the winter. In combination with close jeans and boots or high heels you’ve created a hip outfit. The sweater with cable or a coarse knit pattern finds its way into your wardrobe. One thing is clear: the knitted sweaters are hotter than ever before and offer a lot of variety in styling in many colors and with different patterns.

Oversize knit sweater

Many trendsetters came into trends in 2013 on the taste of the oversize and combined both in winter and summer of the most beautiful oversize pieces. Oversize knitted sweaters are an absolute must-have for the colder months and make a perfect outfit for the winter combined to skinny jeans or the layer look. They are usually applied for the trendy colors in red, grey or beige. As the ideal partner for the layer look, the undershirts are perfectly combined to form a long blouse and a poncho.

To spice up the plain and usually inconspicuous look, the knitted sweater is acceptable with patterns. Whether with integrated knitting pattern, deliberately ugly dog motif, and classic striped, or with the all plaid pattern, the undershirts are reinvented with various patterns and have now become the absolute pieces.

Turtle neck sweaters

The turtleneck is announced officially once again fashionable, and is more in demand than ever. As for the deepest winter months from November to February, the turtlenecks are the ideal partner. The protective polo-neck serves as a second scarf and warms the zones at risk of cold especially well. The knitted sweater with turtleneck is comfortable and looks to the right winter look. The colors such as red, beige, grey or blue are popular at knitting sweaters. Combined statement necklace or earrings, the simple turtleneck can be upgraded easily and looks like a well-thought-out outfit only with close jeans.