Women’s Full Length Denim Dungarees

Dungarees are a specific form of pants, which stands out and derives its name. This bib covers the upper body up typically to chest height, and is supported by the suspenders. Overalls as workers pants in the United States were originally designed and later mainly applied to farms. Traditionally, dungarees are made from the durable and rugged denim. Only a short time later, the fashion industry in addition to the functional benefits has recognized but also the extremely high optical value of dungarees and brought them in different designs as casual wear on the market. You will find an exciting range of trousers in various lengths and fabrics. Short or long trousers in denim or cotton – your combination and styling options are used now fashion technically no limit. Have fun shopping!

Bib shorts

There was above all a phase in the dungarees were worn as maternity clothes, and did good service to cover the smaller pregnancy belly. Those days are over! In the course of the overall – and jumpsuit trend waves, bib pants for women have retaken their place in the fashion world and certainly no longer aim to hide something. Physical bib shorts are more than extremely casual, this summer and may be missing in any wardrobe!

Long trousers

The overalls, known in the English-speaking world as dungaree meet again in any shape and color. Gone are the days where overalls are worn especially in workshops as work clothes. The trousers trend has definitely returned at least since this summer. Dungarees show casual with open braces or can be combined with a belly-free top. The online shops have stage the honor to present a proud selection of the trendy jumpsuits.