Women’s Bodices and Corsets

Bodice is very useful in the first place. They are warm like vests, and always remain in place. Thus no underwear can occur as well as half naked backs if you have to stretch for something. The body stays where it belongs to and is a much uncomplicated helpers for everyday wear. However, it is not only practical, but also look very sexy and sensual, especially the bodice made of lace. So some bodices are even transformed into exciting and alluring lingerie.

Versatile Bodice

Bodice is going through and held together by various forms of black leather straps. There are bodice with string, slip or panties. Some bodices are dragged under a piece of clothing. The bodices are available in a range of designs, materials and colors. You can find the figure-shaping bodice that act as shapewear. In addition there are large differences in the materials: as some bodice made of soft cotton fabric and others made from silky material.

Bodice continues in use to refer to the upper portion (minus the sleeves) of a one- or two-piece dress. Bodices usually designed with a practical closure, which can be easily opened.

Bodice for Women

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Bodice Online Shopping

A matching bodice ensures a good figure and can help to mask small problem zones. When you choose a bodice, nothing can slip. Nightwear or blouses, bodysuits, the choice is yours. You can just click through the offer of online shops! The offer from the online-shop is huge. Search the appropriate bodice for you in the wide range of bodices online. If you have an asking price or a favorite brand, let friends show appropriate article. So that you can filter the selection faster, use the filter function on the left side and sort by brand, price, color, size, and holiday sort. You can find your perfect bodice and can feel you all around without annoying tweaking and pinching.

Women's Bodices and Corsets