With What to Glue, I Go?


To choose a necklace whether it is of maxi size or not, more than the prints or textures of clothes we must worry about other crucial points to make up the right look.

Maxicolares have gained indispensable accessory status, in winter when necklines end up closer to the neck or in summer, when the clothes leave the shoulders exposed. When choosing the ideal, regardless of size requires a brief analysis of the costumes and the physical type itself. Ideally, the collar should repeat the shape of the neckline, but most importantly, if you have a short, thick neck, choose a long model with a pendant to verticalize the silhouette, and have a long, thin neck, a short Bulky

When the accessory is suitable for the woman’s physical type, it can highlight strengths and balance the body volume, which ensures the harmony of the look. A woman with large breasts, for example, needs to avoid long collars, which do not have a good trim. The best in this case is to wear ‘collar’ necklaces at the height of the chest, which maintain a sophisticated look, discreet and elegant, suggested by GETZIPCODES.

Of course this does not change, the prints and textures of the clothes should also influence the choice of the maxicolar, if the look is basic the accessories can be powerful but if the look is imposing, with pedraria and brilliance, accessories need to make a difference for simplicity And delicacy. In short, the necklace is maxi or not, must respect first of all the physical type of the woman and have the same model of the neckline. This is a crucial tip to keep you out of the margin of error when it comes to choosing yours!