With the Sports Watch to the Ideal Weight?

How does it look with you, is the bikinifigur already there or hamstert still enough of what has accumulated in the winter there on the hips?In the winter one mutates very easily to the Faultier.Lack of sunlight and cloudy weather do not necessarily contribute to the motivation.Well, now the argument counts no more.Spring is here, summer is in the starting holes.Yeah, so you should also start to improve your own fitness.You do not necessarily have to go to the gym.Today many accessories and apps help us to lose sight of our sporting goals.But can a sports watch really help us achieve or maintain our ideal weight?It is worth a try.

1. What can a sports watch do?

Sports watches at watchtutorials are available in all possible variants, from cheap to sinfully expensive.From the simple model to the absolute engineering wonder. Simple models convince with a precise stop function, pulse measurement and water density.In addition, there are GPS functions and altimeter.But all these functions are no longer enough for many athletes today.They want more.Would like to be able to evaluate their data better and also to network with the sport.This means that the latest generations of sports watches are no longer just “simple” watches, but smart accessories that act like a personal trainer.They can be adapted to different sports, adapt themselves to their wearer and lead him to keep his goals even better in view.

Large manufacturers of sports articles have long since jumped on this train, are constantly developing their products and are focusing on networking between the sports watch and the smart phone.The new sports watches send the data to the smart phone or even function in a similar way.You can analyze your training results and progress later on your smart phone or laptop.Or also see immediately, if something is wrong and one is expended.This is, incidentally, also one of the reasons why many footballers in the Bundesliga rely on sports watches.Sure, the sports watch can not avoid a strain.But it shows the personal performance and fitness curve of the players.The coach and the team doctor can recognize when a player is in the red area and needs to be replaced urgently.Pulse measurements and analysis on the smart phone and tablet indicate this in real time.

Many watches provide a whole range of movement for their users.They also analyze how the user behaves when he is not doing sports.How often does it sit?How many calories are consumed?When was more effective training and when can a phase-like depth be recognized?But even better is that even everyday activities such as ironing or window cleaning are analyzed and rewarded.Yes, read correctly!Since the spring cleaning is immediately somehow more fun, do not you think?

2. Clever fitness bracelets

The latest sports watches do not look like watches anymore.Personally, I think it’s a good thing, because a big sports watch can look quite clumsy at the female wrist.Many sports watches are rather bracelets , which are relatively unobtrusive.Some come without a display, others show their carrier in a large-scale display how close they are to their destination.These bracelets are now available in all possible colors.Anyone who also looks at his outfit in sports will appreciate this fact.And honestly, is there still someone who does not take a look at his look in sport?In times of innumerable self-esteem, I can imagine it very hard.

Instead of just displaying training values ​​and progress, fitness bracelets do a lot more.They motivate and drive.Or in other words, they take care of the necessary kick-off in the most valued and praise us after the exhausting run that we just have behind us.That feels good.One can set simple goals for himself, for example, his personal goal of 10000 steps on sports watch or fitness bracelet continues and starts.If you are still a few steps from the finish line at the end of the day, you will feel motivated again, look at the formulated goal, get up and run around the block again.Goal reached, one is happy and a little bit fitter.

3. How do I find the right sports watch?

Which sport watch you choose depends on the sport you are running.If you are an athlete, you will have quite different ideas from a hobby sportsman.And if you only want to do some sports occasionally and just want to analyze your movement profile, you do not have to go so deep into the wallet.So think carefully about the requirements you place on your new sports watch.Read the article descriptions, compare different models.Do you really need the digital altimeter if you mostly only go in the flatland your laps?How exactly will your performance be analyzed?Does the manufacturer offer additional offers such as free apps and how well do other athletes evaluate the clock?

In addition to this, you should also pay attention to basic things.Is the watch splash-proof or can it ever dive?Does it tolerate a run through the “dust landscape” in the hot summer, can the dial or display be read well in the sun?And what about the usability?It does not use anything when you have to fight through the elaborate menu.

Which sports watch do you use, which functions are important to you?Or do not you like it when an app records every step?