Wirelessly Charge Current for Each Mobile Phone

It is known that electricity can be transmitted wirelessly via a power mat. Now it is new that Dura cell wants to bring a “Wireless charging card” on the market, guaranteed for any any smart-or telephone, electricity charge without plug. 

The map is very flat and can any any phone or Smart phone battery be connected. As soon as the device in the vicinity of a power mat, it will recharge automatically. Simply just practical, so every cell phone in Ewenzhou  in the future without any cable can come out and power supply to “wirelessly”, without having to rely on a power clip.

Major Problem In The Area: Wireless Power Transmission

Wireless charging has been a big problem. Only very few mobile owners made a matching device of the a wireless charging. With the WiCC, the Wireless charging card by Duracell, now comes a small adapter on the market which wants to close this market gap. The adapter is simply clamped between the battery and back of a mobile BB´s and already, once a Powermat station of Duracell is close to charging up wirelessly.

A Flat Adapter Should Solve It By Duracell

The Wireless charging card is definitely a milestone in wireless power due to their size and ease of integration. On this small practical adapter, cell phone manufacturer must only set, because the adapter needs a special connector on the battery. Two of six cables for power transmission, two for the near-field communications, and two for more data. So it might take a little longer, until the small adapter really prevails, whether Duracel also consistently pursued this approach, it is yet decided.

Video Of The Wireless Charging Card By Duracell

The moral of the story is that the Duracell Wireless charging card could really provide every cell phone within a blink of an eye with a wireless power supply, wait but as the manufacturer of mobile to react to this news BB´s and Smart phones and whether they are willing to engage on the Wireless charging card at all. Duracell has also to push on anyway-enough size to one such innovation, if need be. It will be curious what brings the development in the energy sector and mobile. One thing is certain however: wireless power supply is a trend of the future and will definitely conquer our everyday lives.