Winter Coats

If it is cold outside and snow and rain think one is indispensable: the winter coat. Even though to many people prefer would curl up during the cold season in the bed, you not around comes to out in the cold. A soft, warm winter coat can help there. The perfect winter coat should be so fed, rain-resistant and at least go over the hip.

Winter coat trends

One finds such as black and dark blue the most winter coats in muted colors. It can depress something while in the winter, makes the coat with the rest of the outfit but easier to combine such as shoes and pants. The winter coat is too dark or dull, can spice up cap it at any time with a colorful scarf or a hip. Also coats with fur collars are classic. So the coat Gets a warmer look alike. For those who like more classical, can opt for a wool coat. Heavy fabrics are often very warm, but also accordingly expensive and often not water resistant. From synthetic materials, such as down coats and quilted jackets, winter coats are also very warm, but feature a more sporty look, and are somewhat more comfortable to wear.

Winter coats in bright colors

This year go the winter coat trends towards trench coat and uniform. This means that the coats are slightly longer cut and get away from the female silhouette. Also knallfarbene winter coats are another trend in pink, blue and purple, spice on the streetscape, not only, but also desire to make getting out there! In the category winter coats you will find a wide range of warm, long coats, which bring you well protected and pretty packed through the winter. Coats are generally very convenient in winter, because they are more tailored and protect also the hips, the butt and the thighs from the cold. On the left side, you can set filters, and narrow down the choice. You can for example search for a red winter coat.