Wholesale Fashion Aprons

Do you feel that kitchen apron is a supplement that is already completely past his prime? You are wrong! Aprons celebrates his glorious return. And why not! They are very much needed in the kitchen, and they are now also very nice. Choose the right aprons with pockets for you and your family.

Why apron yes?

The apron is basically protective clothing to kitchen, which prevents tarnishing waiters or housewives. And surely it deserves a permanent and unchanging place in the contemporary home, because without it, the preparation and cooking of goodies was much more complicated and cook or housewife “much dirtier”. In addition, the apron can also be a fun addition to working and serving meals, and create a spontaneous and relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen and at the table.

Fashion History aprons

All the women wore aprons over many years in various forms, cuts and a variety of forms according to fashion and style. This tasteful kitchen working clothes should always have a practical purpose. According to her, recognized the status of women and the time in which she lived. Life was less rushed and hectic than now, and everyone in the household know exactly what is expected of them. In the Victorian era aprons were primarily made of white linen, batiste or heavy cotton, and decorated with lace. Because women wore only skirts were very practical clothing. Some were short and only tie to the waist, some with little bib and laces and around his neck. A more practical, however, were those long, covering the entire length of its skirt wearers lacI was greater.
From 1920 to 1930 the aprons made only rather for practical purposes, mostly from flannel and were designed flat and featureless, so as to cover the vast majority of dresses. Somewhere, instead of skirts and blouses used as so-called. “Housecoat”. In the years 1930-1940 the flannel like material stopped using (too hot), and came into fashion cotton cloth with tiny prints, mostly floral pattern. In the countryside fit in popularity polka dots, stripes and petal. War period has passed entirely on pinafores, with projmutím and various details such as pockets in the shape of flowers and hearts. After the war, aprons increasingly popular and popular, but their length began to shorten both the lacing through dresses, or even those of dress. The material remains small sample of printed cotton. Then came a period of polystyrene and synthetic fiber fabrics. They made one shirt (the famous “dederonky”) and aprons. The most desired were with pink flowers and a pattern. This fashion next generation or so poisoned that aprons were “put on ice”. But with today end …

Hot hit

In recent years, aprons in various obdobách, designs and shapes back into the kitchen. Become a practical and efficient, smart, sometimes funny or decorative kitchen accessories. Worn over faded jeans and a T-shirt, shorts or shorts, or even through costume and other festive attire for certain occasions – but that rather a serving to the owner of the clothes get dirty dishes from guests present. The vast majority of today’s aprons are not Satov, but with braces, knee-length or maxi, lacing at the waist and neck. Apron is very witty and practical gift for Christmas. Choose an apron for the whole family at the e-shop.