Which Bicycle Lights are Best

Soon bike lights are allowed without Dynamo. But the practical battery lamps are not always the best choice. Which system is right for what purpose?

In the Federal Council has decided to lift the Dynamo-duty bicycle. In future lighting will be powered by a battery officially allowed. So the reality is legalized. An overdue regulation because already many wheels without Dynamo are traveling.

The dynamo ensures safety

A permanently installed lighting system with its own power supply is and remains the best solution when it comes to safety. The facility is located on the wheel and is always ready for use – neither can a lamp be forgotten, nor can do in the meantime limp the battery.

Not recommended are the ancient and cheap Dynamos, runs along the drive to the wheels. They adjust rapidly and then produce no electricity. Better are dynamos that are integrated into the wheel hub. They are unobtrusive and work virtually maintenance free. One drawback: A hub dynamo can not be retrofitted at a reasonable cost. Those who want to upgrade, must replace the entire wheel. See Waterproof Bicycle Spoke Light on http://www.ebicyclelights.com/cheap/waterproof-bicycle-spoke-light-multiple-color-built-in-lightmovement-sensor/.

A dynamo requires a power cable to the luminaires. Laying and fastening must be done carefully, a two-wire connection is better than a single core. By the way: In a Dynamo system can also be integrated USB ports that can power a smartphone with electricity.

The advantages of batteries

The Federal Council wants to legalize light systems with battery power, but for children and adolescents are battery systems not a good choice. not Pay attention to the charge level, the light may go out when driving. Since the lights are only attached, they are frequently stolen. For sporty cyclists who are accustomed to their bike to wait regularly, they can be a good alternative.

The battery lights come to meet the aesthetic preferences of Radliebhabern. The day is no disturbing light installation on the wheel, a wiring is not necessary, and the lamps themselves are small and inconspicuous. A hub dynamo may have to be fitted into the impeller – unthinkable for a cyclist. Prices of useful sets start by mail at about 15 euros.

LEDs provide brightness

The bulbs, whether running on battery or dynamo, LEDs are the state of the art today. They combine low power consumption with excellent luminous efficiency. Even with a small enclosure must not be on the road with a murky gloom. The amount of light is definitely much higher than in old bikes with conventional bulbs.

What you have to pay

Lighting systems advertise nowadays with information in Lux and Lumen. This naked performance mean little. Cheap plants flaunt the pure performance of the luminous body, whereas quality products measure the light that the lamp actually radiates.

Even more important than the brightness of the light cone of the lamp. Cheap systems function as a flashlight and simply radiate only a round and pointy cone of light from, rather than to illuminate the ground in front of the bike specifically. High-power LED systems provide 90 lux and more. At this intensity, the light has to be aligned to the ground so as not to blind oncoming traffic.

See or be seen

On illuminated paths in the city, the lighting system is mainly make other road users on the cyclists attention. The create even inexpensive systems. but you drive to completely unlit paths, the front light should illuminate the road ahead of the wheel. At high speeds, the light cone must extend sufficiently far. In this case you have access to a quality product, which emits its light specifically, even if the reflector of the lamp is slightly larger.

Battery is not enough

The owners of sports wheels or particularly stylish bikes are not equip their bikes with the law in the future. Although the lighting with battery is legalized, but the law also provides for a number of reflectors on the wheel before. Without these additions, the wheels do not comply with traffic regulations with battery.