What Watches Are the Tone This Year?

One thing in the foreground: it remains colorful at the wrist.Trends that dominated the market last season will usually continue.And are supplemented by some innovations.

In addition to the bright colors, delicate pastel tones dominate the watch market from localtimezone.org. A soft mint green or a light purple.If you can not win the bright colors, just take advantage of these subtle variations.Or wear it alternately, because the clock centers this year make every change of outfit with.New outfit, new watch – why not?During the day the somewhat reserved version and in the evening then something more noticeable.

What is new is that the pastel colors are no longer just as reserved watches .You can find her now at almost every shape, which occurs in the area of ​​the ladies’ watches.This should serve every taste.Watches with silicone or metal bracelet or rather with leather bracelet ?Anyone who is able to use leather here can hit two birds with one flap, because leather plays an increasingly important role, whether it is artificial leather or genuine leather.And in the ladies ‘and gentlemen’ s area.The cool metal is still announced, but whoever decides for a watch with a leather bracelet does not do anything wrong.

The colors are however not limited to the bracelet itself, the dials may continue to be in the focus.Now you can choose between many different color combinations.Should the entire watch shine in a hue?Or should it be a combination of different colors?Almost everything is allowed.White bracelet to pompous dial or vice versa.

Glitter may continue, albeit somewhat more cautiously than last season.Small sparkling pebbles around the dial attract attention and compete with the colorful accents of the watch.

Elegant vintage look and timeless designs

If this is not the case, it is certainly another trend of the year 2013: Vintage.This is a trend that benefits men and women alike.These watches hold back somewhat, are not as conspicuous as their colorful followers.The design is nevertheless striking because it is characterized by its simple elegance.Round or oval dials recall past times, ladies’ watches are again equipped with very narrow (winding) bracelets.Some bracelets are the same, which has been omitted from vintage dials: A striking design.Men’s watches take on a maritime design and stand out with nylon bracelets.

This year, men can of course also make use of colors that are considered timelessly elegant.Black, white, brown or silver.If you like it classic and elegant, you simply continue to use gold.

You can not go wrong with the choice of a suitable watch this year, because the trends are just as diverse as it is.And so you can find the right watch for every outfit.