What to Wear for Maternity Clothes

When it comes to dressing up during pregnancy, comfort and style are key. But what is good in its ninth week can become downright outrageous in its fourteenth week. And what perfectly flatters curves during the second trimester can get pretty gross by the end of the pregnancy.

We asked some gurus of fashion “motherhood” as a unique fashion challenges that each quarter brings. And here is what came out.

What to Wear for Maternity Clothes 1

The challenge: keeping your pregnancy under clothing as suggested by bridgat. Many people do not want to divulge their secret in growth until at least the second quarter.

What to do: go into your closet and put aside anything that is too tight or clingy. The outfits that run on your stomach, hips and thighs can camouflage the few pounds taken in early. Wear soft sweaters, a-line skirts, tops, dresses and shirts.

Wear Maternity Clothes

Another great piece for the first quarter: a top style “jacket”, wider on top and narrow below. The fabric from above falls loosely on your belly and fitted waist, would provide a more tailored look, minus the “Mummy”. And then, a nice stretch jeans for a set yes really fashionable.

The challenge: most maternity clothes have cut too wide that you might not want to wear. But if you increased so much that it cannot put on traditional clothes the problem is great.

What to Wear for Maternity Clothes 2

What to do: “Stretch” your wardrobe with a few key additions. Buy one of those stretch bands (for example, a belly band) that you put at the top of jeans, above the belt, you will be able to enlarge the size of life. The band will allow you to keep your pants up, and no one will know that I unbutton. Or, you can use an elastic ring to slide over the button and through the slot to do the same thing, the effect will be less showy.

The challenge: you need a workhorse, some items that fit both at work and at weekends, without sacrificing comfort.

What to Wear for Maternity Clothes 3

What to do: embrace the drapery. Or rather, let you drape a dress, shirt or hugs – choose a shirt of an elegant black, blue, or a fancy model (white-black) – to cover your curves. The drapery will give you a perfectly ordered appearance for the office and will be able to give you comfort and elegance during outings and the hurry of the boards of the weekend. And then, as soon as your belly gets bigger and taller, simply change the position of any seam, turning such as a long shirt into a suit for the Empire to be matched with leggins: will be able to give the necessary definition between your chest and belly.

Another leader necessary and versatile to choose from: a pair of maternity jeans dark elastic fabric. Their cut and color will accompany you during the entire pregnancy, at work or in any social situation.