What Jeans Suits Me?

Trend form harem trousers

What jeans suits me? Sara has a long torso and shorter legs compared to. The narrow tapered down jeans (small photo), in which she came to us in the Studio, exacerbated this effect. Better: these shoes with a heel, which stretch a harem trousers, casual far sitting on the leg, in addition. Jeans by s.Oliver, around 60 euros. Light grey T-Shirt with a comic printed by Sisley, approximately 27 euros. Diagonal striped vest by Marc O’Polo, about 100 euros. Belt: Zucchero. High heels: Vic Matié.

Sara Lederer, 29 The Prosecutor is from Nuremberg to Hamburg drawn and tests once the Nordic rituals: “soon I’ll rent a holiday home in Denmark, it’s done here apparently so…”

What Jeans Suits Me 1

Trend shape of waist jeans

“The most cuts are too tight in the thighs, too far for it then in the waist,” explains Natascha Kuhlmann. So far she has managed with hipster jeans, since the wide waist was no problem of course. Better: the new cuts with high waist line, they emphasize a feminine body and extend legs visually. “Perfect, I never thought that just the first jeans is a sure thing.” Jeans ‘pedal Cape”with high waist line from closed, about 170 euros. Finely striped shirt with white bib of van Laack, about 170 euros. Golden Bangle: Tiffany & co.

Natascha Kuhlmann, 29 Their interest of the emergence of natural disasters considered graduate geologist. However, get personal disaster acts innocently, of course: “I think very rarely a pair of jeans that fit me.”

Strike pants in the style of the 70’s

“Around the hip jeans usually does not sit well”, said Bernarda and brings a piece of evidence (small photo) right: Marlene-look pants is although casual far, but completely veiled Bernardas figure. Better: the shock jeans with stretch, which fi gurnah sits, but can nevertheless pleasant freedom of movement by Lycra. “Great, and to cut extra long legs, I can attract even high heels without equal flood.” Denim in used look set, approx. 130 euro. Denimhemd by Levi’s, about 80 euro. Studded belts: Marc O’Polo. Bangle: Thomas Sabo. High heels: Buffalo.

Bernarda docu, 36 She has three children and four jobs: Bernarda occurs as a performer than Elf; She studied fashion design, but their passion is music. Together with her husband toto is Bernarda regularly for Festival posted: our site.

Skinny jeans in dark denim

“For me is a pair of jeans like the little black dress for everyday use, fits always – at least on the most occasions. But I uncomfortable fi nde”many cuts, says the student. Their super bright gebleachte skinny jeans she has with us then immediately exchanged for a more favorable model. Because: Dark denim jeans may look as the light washes just thinner. Although Emily has a fairly narrow figure, the dark version is clearly better. Skinny jeans “Lola” by Marc O’Polo, about 100 euros. Tuxedo Blazer: Windsor, approximately 480 euros. Top: Vero Moda, approx. 40 euro. Belt: Schumacher. Watch: Massimo Dutti.

What Jeans Suits Me 2

Emily Rodenberg, 20 Emily want to prefer move abroad after graduating, exactly she may not commit himself still. And also the career goal is vague: as the art especially like performance course you, she want to do something with art or fashion later…

The stretch

“The most cuts are too narrow to me on the thigh, so I am always as wide jeans”, says Astrid (small photo). The extremely straight step can however work the legs like pillars. Better: thus Sriram legs of a dark jeans that tapers to the shackles and look much slimmer. Stretch ensures a comfortable fit. The casual shirt emphasises the waist and plays flowing around the hips – perfect! Jeans: Montego about P & C, approx. 40 euro. Cardigan from closed, about 240 euros. Top: Day Birger et Mikkelsen, about 90 euros. Scarf: Lala Berlin. Bag: Vic Matié. High heels: Stuart Weitzman.

Astrid Haggenmüller, 28 A designer with an interesting focus: You designs collars, blankets and capes for dogs and cats. Since Astrid 2007 has taken a dog from the animal shelter, she can also as the dog trainer.

Trend form boyfriend-cut

“I wear like slim cut jeans, but mostly the legs are too far, not cool looks,” Friederike finds. And the trousers (small photo), with which it comes into the Photo Studio, is actually slightly too loose. Better: have to go on the offensive and a casual wide jeans wear, for example, in the trendy boyfriend-cut, which looks like borrowed from the friend-sitting on the hip, casual, carded at the cuffs. And to high heels. Jeans by Lee, about 100 euros. Light grey leather jacket from C & A, about 130 euros. Concept K, approx. 60 Euro Plaid Shirt. Hat: Closed. Belt: Woolrich.

What Jeans Suits Me 3

Friederike Harder, 20 You studied journalism, like ballet and hip-hop dance. Reward after graduating? She want to travel through Africa and Asia, “discover other continents I find exciting”.

The Bootcut jeans

“I think jeans are essential, too bad only that they never fit-with me they range mostly just to the ankle,” laughs Carola Brockmann. The skinny jeans, with which it comes into the Photo Studio, is long, sits but much too low on the hip, and makes strong Carolas legs, although it actually has a sports figure. Better: the classic Bootcut-form, traditionally to cowboy boots worn and therefore pretty long. The leg is easily provided at the hem, so that the legs look slimmer. Jeans by H & M, approx. 40 euro. Cardigan public, about 70 euros. Top: Paul & Joe Sister, about 130 euros. Sandals: Pedro García. Chain: private.

Carola Brockmann, 41 The mother of a nine-year old daughter has lived long in the Dominican Republic, now she lives in Hamburg, makes jewelry (our site)-and dreams of a House by the sea.

Production: Carolina Ramsay photos: Jette Stolte an article from Brigitte 08/2010