What Is WhatsApp Gold and Why Deberias Flee from It as If Was The Plague

A new scam is spreading across the network. His name is WhatsApp Gold, an alleged “premium” version of WhatsApp that only the famous use, but that someone has managed to secretly and shares it with you. The previous premise already sounds ridiculous in itself, but that does not mean that more than one has fallen into the trap. WhatsApp Gold is “distributed” by messages like the following:

Hey at last the secret version of WhatsApp gold has been leaked. Only the super famous use this version. Now we can use it also.

Of course There is simply no such premium version of WhatsApp. There is only a WhatsApp, that you and I use. Using the famous and the not famous, and which can be downloaded from their website both Google Play.

What is supposed to be WhatsApp Gold

Although WhatsApp Gold as such does not officially exist anywhere (except this sad attempt of software of monitoring), there is a official folklore about the fantastic features. A list that includes more fantasy than the trilogy of books of game of Thrones.

This is what you can theoretically do WhatsApp Gold, if it existed. This is a non-exhaustive list, since some texts about WhatsApp Gold extend almost indefinitely:

  • Video calls
  • Shipping of up to 100 images at a time
  • Delete messages after sending them
  • Topics
  • Proof of bans
  • Customizable icons in HD
  • More emojis

The list in itself is not too impressive, but it’s probably the curiosity and the fact that it is a secret version which captures the attention of the users.

What is WhatsApp Gold really

We already have clear what is not WhatsApp Gold: an official version, but so what? This question is rather more difficult to answer than the previous one, because there is no WhatsApp Gold real and official that us as a guide. WhatsApp Gold is rather an illusion, a recurring scam from which we can not escape.

The old place will remember MSN Messenger, the once quintessential messaging application. With popularity came also the scams, which was then used to be the style of MSN is running out of available accounts, get this and this to make you not deleted the account and get a Premium version: then the MSN icon will be blue. Ridiculous, really? WhatsApp Gold is the same, but with WhatsApp.

The difference with the Messenger scams is that WhatsApp Gold has certain part of reality, in the form of a reincarnation of the old WhatsApp Plus, the MOD of WhatsApp that ended up being abandoned after Whatsapp began to ban the users of such applications.

“Physical” WhatsApp Gold versions are probably based on WhatsApp Plus, But while WhatsApp Plus was a project for which we knew the author and we could follow their progress, WhatsApp Gold can literally be anything inside.

In Overview, WhatsApp Gold is a modified version of WhatsApp that not you should use well probably finish with your banned account in the service, doesn’t really work and do not have any guarantee that will not spy on you.

I tried to use it… and I could not

To avoid that you finish installing garbage on your mobile, I have decided to do it myself. The main problem is in fact find WhatsApp Gold download. I am not going to place any link, but after a while Googling I’ve managed to find some download links, to choose between WhatsApp Gold 5.5 and WhatsApp Gold 3.0.

The mere discharge is a time-consuming and risky process. It is the type of pages that opens for you a million tabs of advertising, floating advertising in the middle of the screen and notice that your phone may be at risk. With patience, I have managed it download and install.

After installing it, the first screens of information I remember both WhatsApp WhatsApp Plus. While I installed the so-called version 5.5, WhatsApp Gold shows that it is based on WhatsApp 2.12.437, that is February of this year.

The old WhatsApp Plus and WhatsApp Gold

The problem is that this version It has already expired, and just opening the application cannot do anything except download WhatsApp official client. Changing the date you can access the phone verification window, but never work.

So, even if you want to try WhatsApp Gold, chances are that you can not. It is a modification of WhatsApp, but they have not been able to modify the system of verification of dates or sign the discharge when it has expired to their own servers. As there is no official website, you can take too long to get the APK, and then there will be already expired.

Why should you not try WhatsApp Gold

Are you not yet convinced why they should not try WhatsApp Gold to? Still being positive and thinking that WhatsApp Gold is a clean and pure WhatsApp modified version created with all ethical safeguards and with nothing to hide: actually what you win with her?

WhatsApp Protocol is that it is, and third-party modifications can change it. If WhatsApp doesn’t have video calling for now, no WhatsApp Gold of the world will them be put. Already there are applications that are attached to WhatsApp or so to do something similar, and you can do it with the official version.

WhatsApp requires a huge amount of permissions, and all of them are also present in WhatsApp Gold. You’ll more or less that all of these permissions are in the hands of Facebook, but if you think of give them some mysterious unknown developers, you will probably have more than worry about what.

“I installed me: now what do I do?”

If you’ve fallen into the trap, which do not panic. First of all, uninstall WhatsApp Gold It returns to the official version of WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger or any other messaging application that you like.

WhatsApp Gold has the potential capacity for you stealing your data, spammed to your contacts and other so many things that dan very afraid, but this does not mean that it has done so. The best thing in this case is to do some research by consulting with your friends if they have received spam on your part and that you review what sensitive information could be accessed.

Change your passwords It is always a good idea in case of doubt, especially those of Google and Facebook. Moreover, probably don’t have much more than what worry, although it would not be more that review in settings – applications if you might have installed some additional application.