What Is than a Corset?

As you may have noticed the corsets are here to stay!

Already in place on the senior ranks of fashion, corsets and other greenhouse sizes persist and sign, to settle comfortably in your closets as a must-have piece.

There are so many reasons for which the corsets are still relevant, but it is unlikely that they are relegated to a simple experience of a golden age is over, as was the case in the Victorian era.

The commonly held assumption (of those who do not know) is that women wear corsets to get more attractive sexually to the point of even deform or harming their physical balance. Of course, I’m not saying that in the past this was not the case but, nowadays it is more than all topical, women have a different approach and are fully aware of the good wear corsets.

The male is also not left out, because a lot of men also like to wear corsets, they give them look great and a dominant posture. Some men may use a corset with their evening wear to improve their Visual and posture in emphasizing the shoulders and providing a smooth perfect silhouette under their costume.

It may be too much to say that there are as many reasons to wear corsets as there are people who wear them, but it is the case, each carries it in his own way and for reasons that are clean.

The corset and its history

The history of the corset goes back to yesterday, the first appearances date back to the 16th century, where women used it as a piece of lingerie. They served and mainly serve to refine the size (also the new corset slimming), maintain posture and back up the chest.

The different types of corset

People often confuse corset and corset. The parts are often confused with the corset, are: corsets bustier, the bustiers and the Basques. Corsets are a category completely apart and can be broken down in different forms: entire corset, corset chest, greenhouse size etc… Here, we explain the difference.

Use of corsets

Corsets have several uses, such as for example: the tight lacing that is the fact of this shake excessively in order to obtain finer size possible.
But there are also other uses, most curious, against claustrophobia. Discover here all the other possible uses of the corset.


The structure of a corset is like a canvas mounted to a painter, it makes an excellent base to add all sorts of details, trims and textures.

Well, we have a little circled uses and property made corsets as a whole. Naturally, this list is not exhaustive and can fully be extended elsewhere, but I’ve traced the main elements that we met at the level of the corsets.

Now it is up to you to compose and to see why you wear your corsets. If you don’t wear already, why you like to wear?

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