What Is a Sexy Man and a Turnoff

Men, this text is for you. Learn what they think about what it’s like to be a sexy man and a turnoff. An open mind to the issues raised by the female audience.

Unsurprisingly women talk, and talk openly about various subjects-home, family, kids, sex, love, betrayal, gossip and of course MEN! No doubt that these meetings this theme is quite debated.

So, I’m opening the meeting of chi_cubs_lover in text for you to understand what they like and don’t like.

You guys may not even agree, but a good breath and a culinary dowry can be remarkable qualities and which undoubtedly add up excellent points at the time of the conquest.

In the crush, first impressions are the ones that stay and give guarantees of future meetings.

They like to smell my sweet, smell good! But take it easy, won’t take a bath not Cologne. Is perfume of man, in the right measure! The guy might not even be the Heartthrob of the novels, but if you missed it and tagged with the perfume, immediately gained your attention! In the eyes of the woman, a smelly man is charming and elegant. They say that any man looks good in a good perfume! Bet on it but have common sense.

If the man smokes and she doesn’t, don’t be rude. Smoking is no longer fashionable. But if you want to keep the habit, at least take with you bullets or gum. Kissing an ashtray isn’t cool.

They fix it and they’re not even there, if you don’t like it. They may not even talk about what bothers you at first, but may give some subtle hints to see if the guy touch–stay tuned.

The beard follows the female preference. But you see, it’s not any beard. Nothing down the drain, like fluff don’t even want to do the Shipwrecked; We say that cuidadinha beard, trimmed,. Can be short when long, hot.

That jerk of beard is very sexy and charming. Invest in barbers if you do not have the morning to shave. Oh, this also applies to the pubic hair ok!? Solve a trimmed goes well always! Trust.

You know what is a major turnoff for them? Cell phone beeping and vibrating all the time. Oh dear, please turn this joint when you’re accompanied. There is time for everything, and it’s very boring to be in the middle of pretty good and hear the cat’s phone vibrating or beeping non-stop. Seriously, breaking weather. Turn off or put it on silent. We don’t care about your social life or the bombastic life you lead online. Take it from me.

“Woman falls in love with the way he is treated”–this phrase makes the most anonymous success because it is the most pure reality. Kindness, caring, respect, care, attention…wife is moved. All she wants is to be remembered and desired subtle forms. OK, might be a little difficult for men to understand this delicacy, but this is the Holy Grail!

Be romantic, don’t be afraid to expose feelings or nurture their mates. We love love, too! Oh! And wife falls inor out of love quickly by the same way if it is not treated with respect.

Now, just don’t come in your underwear dug that there can be the teddy bear poof that won’t happen. Serious. Want to be sexy, black underwear boot box. Oh, they love it! Invest in box-#fica.

Risk in the kitchen is really sexy. You can prepare that pasta in butter, super simple, but just the fact to make available to cook something already makes you a different face and charming. If you don’t think you got it or Cook an egg, at least, be helpful if she take the initiative from the kitchen.

And another thing, can seem too demanding or squeezing, but please, don’t say “menas”, or “half-tired” or type”agent” so together when you really want to say “we”. Blunders of Portuguese can you conceive the contact Passport blocked forever! Seriously, I’ve seen a lot of that happening. A smart guy is very sexy!

Anticlimactic talk of ex. man, if you do not want to put a bomb in the head of your partner, don’t talk about ex, unless in exceptional cases. Keep your ex in your past.

Now, if you’ve got attitude, have self-confidence, is gentle, polite, your chances are doubled. Woman look even in the attitudes, small details that add up and that make all the difference. They know what they want and what they don’t want. No requirement over a good male expectation.

Open the car door is still cute, load bags on the market without her asking, be nice to your friends, to support its activities. It doesn’t take more than a good deal of attention, love and respect for her to admire.

Woman is not fussy, we just have a few basic criteria commonly shared and that are accepted by a large part of the female audience. These tips have had the collaboration of women on facebook who participated in a search for the article. So men, is what they think right. Hashtag is the hint!