Westwing’s Charms!

Decorating a home is always a big challenge, especially when you know that you’ll go through those furniture every day. So, to help you in this process, I bring today to my dear readers a super hint of decoration, who still does not know the Westwing Web site. The Westwing Brazil is an online store focusing on home and decoration. The ideal is to engage store who is passionate about decorating and design, selling products of quality and style. It offers trends, design, style, art, high quality and all at affordable rates. And to help us start the year with brand-new tuuuuuudo, the site will offer discounts of up to 70% on purchases made, when I heard that, I almost had a fit, you all know how I loooove buy, new things for me amooooo, to my house, to give away , I’m a Shopaholic.

The Westwing selected major brands that have been successful in 2015 and campaigns that will return these days with unmissable discounts. For those not familiar, Westwing is a site where items of decoration and design, launching campaigns with selections of products of various brands known in Brazil and in the world. In addition to the sale of products, they produce a beautiful and interesting content with decorating ideas in various styles, worth knowing the electronic magazine and accompanying inspirations published on social networks, productions and pictures are wonderful.

So, if you’ve been wishing much that missing piece in your home during the year and ended up losing the campaign, this is the time to play in 2015 Hits! The 22 day of December until 01 January the site will do a retrospective with the products that made success throughout 2015. You’re going to have Le Creuset, Oxford, retro inspired furniture and reinterpretations of modern design icons. Will be more than 50 campaigns with discounts of up to 70%!