Wedding Dresses Matching

Wedding photos can be quite different. There is no standard to look like wedding photos. Here the bride and groom decides what he likes. And to do that, couples who are going to change the wedding rings should be well informed. Here is photographer contact and view photos announced. Just so you can know what kind of photos are possible at weddings. Trash the Dress photos, which are of course only after the wedding celebration, are very popular.

Wedding Photos: What Are Trash The Dress Photos?

What did you do with your wedding dress after the wedding? Still no idea? This is the way to most brides. If a wedding is planned, it can not go fast enough to buy the wedding dress. But after the wedding you can not put it on. It often costs a small fortune. Also other things you buy for a wedding are expensive, like the wedding rings . But these are worn for a whole lifetime. The wedding dress is usually a reminder in the wardrobe. So Trash the Dress photos came into fashion, These wedding photos are made after the wedding. As the name implies, the wedding dress and often the suit of the bridegroom is often placed in the center of the photos. Gladly jumping bridal couples into the pool, splashing with paint or taking a walk over their own construction site. These photos after the wedding seem casual and funny. Bridal couples and photographers can be creative here. Contrasts are important. Who is already walking with a beautiful white wedding dress through muddy forests?

Here Are Some Ideas For Trash The Dress Wedding Photos:

Go swimming with your wedding outfit-whether in the lake, in the sea or in the pool. Perhaps a romantic shower is a great motive. Even the bridal hairstyle may look a little damaged.

Walking through nature is also a great thing. Wear fixed hiking boots or sports shoes on your wedding dress and ignore mud or puddles.

Creative couples love playing with colors. How about paint ball or just paint with a few brushes?