We Introduce You to the Shoes

Women and shoes are a topic of their own.And because this theme (at least for women) is so beautiful, we should not forget to introduce you the most fashionable shoes for 2013.One thing is already certain: This year the shoe shopping is worthwhile again and it may be somewhat more conspicuous!

What styles of shoes and designs are announced in 2013?

This year, women who are very proud of the shoes can look forward to high shoes.Both Pumps, but also shoes with Blockabsatz are totally announced.Also the hot-beloved wedge heel is still “in” not only in ankle boots, but also sneakers as so-called “hidden wedges”, so well hidden in the design.Ballerinas can also grace their feet in spring, spring, spring and spring.The great thing about ballerinas is that, despite all their elegance, they are still comfortable.Slightly less attractive this year, however, will be cloth shoes.

If the question about the shoemaking model is now clarified, now the colors and the design are concerned.Here, woman can calmly prove a little courage to the glamor:Especially varnish and metal effects are now difficult to come.The heels of the high-heeled shoes can really shine here and shine no matter whether they are golden or silver lacquered or maybe even in a transparent look, everything is allowed.Apart from that, there are pretty straps on many shoes to decorate or even rivets, which underline both the sporty and the elegant look.Bright colors are found mainly on the sneakers, which makes them particularly sporty.I do not want to deprive you of a trend that I personally find very popular this year: Here I mean pumps with different color varnishes, which stand out from the rest of the shoe.Just they are made for spring and summer.

So now I just have one more thing to say:Have fun with the shoe shopping!