Video Blog: How to Choose Your Training Material

This video blog I want to show how easy that is to pick blades and fins according to our level and also know what van best each of these accessories.

We start off with the blades.

S and M sizes are the smallest and the most common. This type of blades are intended for people with a certain technique to search what muscular trunk and improve its resistance to force.

With these blades get one grip in the stroke, which will lead us to do more strength and have that feeling of going faster.

We can also find blades size L or larger ones. This type of blades are destined to swimmers more experts who are trained to the highest level and even compete regularly. With them, we enhanced the musculature of the upper train which means that we will need one larger water surface to move.
We will make one further stroke, we will gain strength and speed but as a consequence we will get tired before.

To choose the size of your shovel, it is necessary to adapt to the size of your hand and your level. With this you will avoid overload and injury.

It is important to choose well the size of your shovel, to prevent overloads and injury.

Other accessory for our training of swimming are the fins in equzhou.

With short fins, we will carry out a cardio work flapping frequency is greater. With those displayed on the video we will work abdominal and buttocks.

With long flaps we will guarantee one greater effort and the sensation of gliding will be much more intense. They are especially recommended to refine the technique since going faster we will detect that part of our body we are holding back. With these fins, we will work on the undercarriage.

With flaps, we will work on the undercarriage

I hope these tips you have been of help. If you want to see more videos of swimming please subscribe.

see you soon!