Ultralight Sleeping Bag Reviews

Ultralight Sleeping Bag: comfort and skin feel

You lie you again in Cumulus LiteLine 400, the skin feels in combination with the soft down to very pleasant. In Synthetic sleeping bags (also newer) I feel a very different feel to the skin and feel total uncomfortable when in a down sleeping bag. In size fits me (197cm, 90kg, slim), the XL version of Lite Line 400 very good and I can if necessary also my ultralight down jacket or aticking * use inside.

Although the cushion effect logically is much lower in a sleeping bag, as in asleeping pad, I found the filling under me but extremely pleasant and noticeable. There are soft when not all down to the sides, but a small charge you always lie to themselves. I also have a feeling that odors are strongly taken not particularly of the sleeping bag, or simply ventilate quickly escape.

Ultralight sleeping bag: Heat output

Now we come to the most important part and whether the sleeping bag’s owner keeps as still warm even in cold temperatures. The comfort temperature is indeed with 2 ° C indicated, but still very much dependent on the cold sensation of the person. Personally, I had to stay no problems at subzero levels (about -3 ° C outside temperature) with the Lite Line 400 in the resin. In combination with my tent and a layer Merino underwear , he has mestill below the comfort temperature warm maintained. Is it slightly above zero degrees, I can even easily omit the situation Merino.

In winter temperatures fall in the tent easy times condensate and the sleeping bag is then wet on the surface in some places. Since down lose their heat capacity greatly if they get wet, so I was a bit worried beforehand.Fortunately unjustly. Even though the sleeping bag for backpacking, which is discounted on Pimasleepingbags, is sometimes outside and becomes a bit wet in some places, which I have not noticed anything inside and could not detect any deterioration of the heat output.

Conclusion for Cumulus LiteLine 400 XL:

With the Cumulus LiteLine 400 you get a no-frills all-year Dauenschlafsack, which also keeps you warm in subzero levels. The good workmanship and very pleasant skin feel make him almost a bargain in this category. That the skin easily entangled in the zipper did not really bother me. However, the adjustment of the hood is something to be desired. On the Lite Line 400 I like its light weight and low pack size in anyway good thermal performance best!After many nights of use I can say: Clear purchase recommendation!

Update May 2016:

Now I own the LL400 bit more than a year and am still very satisfied with it!Even after 40+ nights I can not see any signs of wear. The heat output has not changed a bit in that time and also the down loss is minimal. Frozen I in LL400 even in winter yet. But in summer it is a little too warm for my taste.Then it helps to have the zipper fully open and use it as a blanket.