Trend: Holthren, Holzbrillen and Holzfliegen

The new trend is called Back to the Nature.More and more people love natural materials and love to display this love.Holzaccessoires are the most popular.Often these pieces are made of recycled wood – good for the nature and for the soul.In this post I introduce you to my darling:wooden gauges, wooden glasses and stylish wooden flies.

Trend 2

Sunglasses made of wood:Wooden glasses

The wooden glasses are brand new.Oftmas you are worn as sunglasses , but you can also use the right lenses with the optician.In my environment I have now heard frequently that many of the glasses made of wood totally stylish.Notice and different has increased in recent years anyway – now the nerd glasses are replaced by the wooden glasses)

The wooden glasses are available at different suppliers – also we at have some pretty pieces.Due to the variety of wood species, very different colorings are possible.And the grain looks great!

For combining and styling I do not really have much to say.Wooden glasses look very casual as well as very elegant.So you can carry it everywhere.

Trend 1

Clocks made of recycled wood: Holts

Last week I presented you the great Holzuhrhren – but I think so great that I can write smoothly over it again.

Everyone can wear the holdups and make an absolute statement.The WeWood watches, which you can also buy at, are even made from recycled wood.When I read this, my heart has equaled higher for these fashionable clocks.Thanks to the various types of wood, great colors are also on offer here.Of course, you can carry the Holzuhr individually.If you want to put them in the right place, I would also use other accessories and jewelery in the optics.As a man, wood flyers and wooden cufflinks can be combined.Or a robust leather bracelet.

Trend 3

Holzaccessories: wood flies

My special favorite are wooden flies.I find this totally stylish, especially in combination with a chic jeans shirt.There are also various types of holdups.Whether discreet dark or striking with patterns – is what I like.I think the Hoz flies are also great as a gift.And even woman can wear such a fly from wood.

Wooden flies seem rather casual and should be styled as well. Of course, you can also put on contrasts and combine a chic black suit.