Traditional Costumes of the World

When the sun rises at the tilt and the leaves on the trees change colour, it  is the Oktoberfest’s time again for the largest folk festival in the world. And what should be missed at the Oktoberfest in no case? That’s right, the costume! Because this is just tradition, such as the measure. No matter Dirndl and leather trousers, the range of traditional fashion right is for everyone. The elaineqho offers a wide selection of vintage costumes. From traditional costumes cheap costumes in the premium segment there is everything.

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Traditional costumes ladies

In contrast to the men, girls have a decisive advantage. They can choose to walk rather in the dirndl or the leather pants on payhelpcenter. You will feel more comfortable in pants,  leather pants with a chic dress blouse and comfortable dress shoes. The dirndl may be worn in a variety of ways. So give it long knee-length or short dirndl in bright or muted colors with a matching apron or apron to the combine itself. The dirndl is upgraded with matching costume jewelry. Of course the matching dirndl bra should not be missed under the dirndl blouse. The costume is really used with the right accessories in scene. For example with matching costume necklace and small shoulder bag in heart shape. For the colder days the ladies jacket is perfect. These can be combined perfectly to the dirndl dress, such as the leather pants and keep warm without destroying the costumes look beautiful. Small tip from the editorial: attract the best always flat dress shoes with thick socks to the Oktoberfest. This is not only super stylish looks, but help to dance the whole day sitting on the benches in the Oktoberfest tent. A toast!traditional costume for the world

Traditional clothing for special occasions

In addition to the popular Oktoberfest, there are also other events that need business costumes via physicscat. From the wedding of friends to the garden party. Traditional clothing is very versatile and belongs not only to the Oktoberfest. Particularly sophisticated: The dirndl is available as a wedding dress.

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