Tips to Finding The Right Bra Size

Make a small 85A is complicated. Or complexing. The opposite is true: hard to find a true F cup in the circuit of classic distribution lingerie! Cosmo took advice from the site Ma-Grande-Our site
and delivers tips and addresses to find large support your throat.

  • What is a bra size?

You should know that bras are considered large from C cup There are actually two types of large size bra.

-The bras large in deep cap for those who have a strong chest but a small back tower (this is the case more and more young women in France, the morphology of the body is being changed for 15 years)
-plus size bras in deep cap and with a great turn back for women who are rounder (here is rather the domain of “size lingerie” that the only “big shot”).

We see this corresponds to the types of women of varying ages and varied morphologies!

A large size bra should have wider straps to not shear the shoulders and a wider back to properly support the breast. With new brands specializing in larger cup sizes, large size bras will stick to more basic white / beige / black. We find beautiful models with or without straps, basket, push up, for sports etc.

  • How to choose a bra?

To choose a Racerback bra, ensure 3 points:

-The cap is to marry the chest. It should not bump or leave the chest float.

– Once set, the bra should not create bead in the back, otherwise it means that it is too small

– The width of the straps: too thin, they eventually saw off the shoulders.

Choose a bra size, it is also correct posture and relieve his back, because large breasts can weigh very heavy.

to know what mistakes to avoid when buying support bra size, you can watch the video made ​​by Marion, editor at Also find other tips on choosing her lingerie video.

  • Why opt for shapewear?

Because since Beyoncé, Adele or Oprah confessed to wear, it blames a lot less! Magic sheaths kind Spanx (the duct Bridget Jones!) Are popular in the USA and in France. By erasing imperfections and highlighting the strengths of a woman, this type of shapewear is a real weapon of seduction.

Seriously, shapewear makes our lives easier: of course you can not pass a 50 to a 44 by threading a sleeve but smooth silhouette, removing some beads… in good condition to choose! it must take, custom fit for the sheathing effect works, but it should not be too tight otherwise the top will “roll” and create a bead. The basic is the sheath, which controls the roundness of the thighs and buttocks (and back a little!) And smooth hips and belly. If one wishes to sculpt the entire silhouette, there are beautiful bodysuit with lace inserts or satin. The gum body the curves to make a smoother silhouette.

Lingerie is the basis of our holding, it is important to choose it. That is why we have devoted a whole chapter there in our first book: “Makeovers for round: 40, round and ready to change your look” (chapter 2).

  • In what signs can we find lingerie for buxom?

To our delight, more and more signs are the large size lingerie varied (classical, shapewear, sexy) and affordable.