Tips to Decrease the Anxiety of Your Dog

Just like any person, dogs can also suffer from anxiety. If your dog’s behavior is changed, it is essential to find a veterinarian to make the correct diagnosis in order to treat the animal properly. In addition, some daily attitudes who lives with the dog can contribute so he doesn’t get so anxious.

Some dogs go into depression, act aggressively, destroy furniture and objects, or do inappropriate things to get your attention. These symptoms may indicate that the dog with separation anxiety, condition that occurs due to the fear of being alone or separated from your own. If you are unable to get enough time with your canine pet, it is possible to create habits for that anxiety is relieved.

To get out of the House, try to leave the environment no farewells filled with displays of affection or simple conversations with the animal, once these attitudes can be associated with something bad, leaving the dog distressed whenever you repeat these actions. So, the best thing to do is just get out of the House, without even giving that peek to see how the animal is.

The same goes for your return, you should not create a fuss, because the dog will surely be anxious waiting for the moment when you will arrive. For him to get used to the loneliness, avoid coming by calling his name and making several caresses the animal, even if he starts crying, barking or jump you. Simplesmenteignore and wait for him to calm down to give warning to dog.

In addition, let some distractions with him when everything else at home, like bones and toys via So, the dog will have an occupation until you back by ensuring more pleasant moments and to be faster. Is also a good thing to let an old clothes, so that he can feel your smell when you are away from home.

Be careful to not let objects with pieces that can be swallowed by it. Enclose a space so it can circulate in your absence, making sure that the dog does not have contact with dangerous things, such as electrical wires and breakable objects.

In the case of puppies, another important tip is just free access of the animal around the House when he is already used to with the environments and know exactly where to pee and poop. So, you will have no unpleasant surprises when you return.