Tips of Bia: Metallic: How to Use This Trend

Learn How to Incorporate the Metallic Trend in Your Day by Day and Work at Any Time

The metallic trend came to demystify the belief that glow can only be used at night, since it’s possible to see women of different styles parade their looks metallic on a daily basis.

For the more discreet, it may seem that it’s a difficult trend to combine, but the truth is that there are no rules to set the production in detail: be metallized as the nail, the accessories or the shade of makeup, or the more adventurous items, like a shoe or a whole coat metallic, the secret is to feel good with the chosen look.

An interesting tip is focusing in neutral colors and that contrast with the piece.A metallic pants, for example, asks that the shirt and the jacket are of dark tones, like grey, black and Brown, and the latter combines more with gold than silver.

More open, colors like white, yellow and orange, are calling for a more discreet glow, like a metallic piece in black or a neutral accessory with glitter.If the intention is to give the highlight for shoes, know that the shiny boots come with everything and can be used both with hot pants and shorts and skirts.

How to Use Metallic

The metallic arrived with full force, and can be used from an early age.聽In shades of silver, gold, bronze and even pink and blue, are perfect for a basic production day by day and also to rock in nocturnal visuals.

  • Metallic Blouse

Are the easiest to combine. Can be used with any other piece in jeans or dark tones, in addition to skirts for evening looks more tidy.

  • Silver Metallic Pants

A wildcard in time to increase basic production, but that rocks to the day to day is the metallic pants. Bet without fear of being happy.

  • Metallic Shorts

Another piece incredibly easy to combine with fun t-shirts and even colorful.And when you want to disguise the metallic piece, just leave the shirt on top.

  • Metallic Skirt

The darling of bloggers could not miss. Metallic skirt is a versatile piece that can be combined in many different ways, from day to day to night production.Better still if it is pleated.

  • Metallic Dress

This piece is more suitable for nighttime looks, like for example a production more chic to a cocktail party, since it is a unique piece with very highlight. A hint to leave visual less conspicuous is betting on a blazer or jacket neutral over.

  • Metallic Jacket

Full of style, the metalized jacket was made for anyone who has a lot of personality. A flashy, but item that conquers all wherever she goes! Goes from jeans and a t-shirt to look festive productions.

  • Metallic Handbags

This is the sure bet for those who like to be more discreet. Use the metalized in accessories such as handbags is the key to modernize any outfit.

  • Metallic Shoes

The shoes could not be left out, since they turned to fever in every corner. In addition to enhance the look, some models serve for both day and night.

With this kind of fashion, you can combine muted colors, because they get more chic. “Black is a great ally in combination”.

For the more daring, you can’t mix silver with gold is a thing of the past. That game to join metallic colors make look more powerful and also for use with rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Tip: choose just one of the colors to highlight, to not let your look meaningless. “Put more gold than silver accessories, for example”.