Tips for Makeup Won’t Melt in the Heat

Summer is here, it’s always the same, high temperatures and makes falling due to a lot of sweat and heat, which eventually put down the drain, often, hours and hours of production, compromising your look. We will combine that many times until we give up a little more on make, precisely, in the light of this problem, there, there’s no glamour that resist! OK, we also found that summer has more to do with more natural beauty , face washed … but sometimes appear more formal occasions or fine dining that require greater care in production. Well, the good news is that now that has a solution, here are some tips to make your makeup last longer, without leaving it look like a melted ice cream. Paper and pencil in hand, make a note of the tips:

What to do for the makeup won’t melt in the heat
-First, it is necessary to prepare the skin, cleaning is essential to ensure that the products give me any longer, of course, the makeup is perfect when applied to a clean skin, then wash your face with cold water and mild soap.

-Spray cold water on his face before the make or spend a pebble of ice, especially in the T zone (forehead, nose and Chin) to close your pores and help fix her makeup on her face.

-Well, I cleaned up the skin, it is time to moisturize, and facial primer is a great ally at the time, as well as to correct imperfections of the face, he leaves the skin healthy and helps firm the makeup for a long time and opt for compact bases or mousses, no liquid, is also a good option.

-Another tip is to bet on shadows in powder or compact, they tend to last longer and run less frequently, the mineral makeup are great choices, do not block your pores and prevent the oily skin. The ideal is a ‘ look ‘, more matte dry, powdered products, such as blush and shadow are more advisable. Attention creamy shadow has a good part and a bad: the good news is she more fixed on the skin, but, being creamy, can blur more, IE, the tip is to pass also in the eye primer.
-Ok, but the heat was so much and it didn’t work … it’s time to appeal to our buddies baby wipes, they help you clean melted makeup and are useful to remove excessive skin brightness, look for dating a packet in the bag to circumvent the unexpected.

– Another item to carry with you always is the compact, prefer the matificantes, they absorb excess oils and leave your skin prepared for receiving the products.

– Who said summer not with mascara and eyeliner? You just have to know how to choose, it has to be waterproof and long-lasting, because trickle down and not going to let their production even more beautiful!

-Another tip is, after you do the makeup, use a makeup Fixer – that works more or less like the hair.