Tips for Choosing Camera with Infrared Cftv

Hello let’s get past tips that will be very helpful to take away many doubts that most people have when buying an infrared camera to install on the CCTV system.

Tips for Choosing Camera with Infrared CFTV

Come on we have to talk a bit about its operation so we can compare values ​​and where it applies them because it is often not the camera but rather where and how you did the installation of the same so let’s spend a bit of information on that as well.

Generally comes the description in the following CCD, Lines and the number of LEDs we will describe one to one of them.Let’s start with the CCD.

CCD – The CCD is the abbreviation for the English term Charge Coupled Device, we are going to have the following Coupled Charging Device that calls the sensor technology where electric signals are transferred.Now referring to another item of the description that is the number of lines means the resolution of the image that the camera will generate.

LINES – The number of horizontal lines is the number of electrical signals that is sent to the CCD sensor where the image is rendered, ie the higher the number of lines, the higher the image quality of the camera, but we must also pay attention to the infrared range Which most of the time does not come in the description.

LED – The number of LEDs is important because it is the range and resolution of the camera when the infrared is triggered, the higher the number the higher the quality and range of the infrared camera.

Tips for installing infrared camera, do not install near the light because it will impair the image quality of the camera look to extract the maximum from the infrared range do install in a place that will go completely dark because these cameras were designed for this.

With this information you can compare what you really need to your CCTV installation.