Tip Look: Gardener + Sweater!

A vegetarian gatuxas and gatuxos … Excited to start the week? I’m super excited! My chosen to start is beautiful week was a super comfortable and beautiful, who like gardener? And gardener + Sweater? After all, who doesn’t like casual looks for our day to day, isn’t it? So let’s see’s tip that is super cute!

Overalls never go out of fashion, can spend some time out of the spotlight, but they always come back to stand out. But I believe we don’t need wear them only when they are in evidence, right? We can use when we want to the/. I’m in love and always use. I like to use it with t-shirt, sweater, shirts, we can use and abuse of the combinations. What I think is cool is that you can mount looks fun or more formal, will depend on the occasion and what you are looking for.

The sweater is great for use in the days fresh, or under a jacket, because they do not heat up much, but protect you from those cold ventinhos, plus super nifty and comfortable stay according to INTERNETSAILORS.COM. I don’t know about you, but I look at with the sweater looks and charm me in mind hahaha. They can be used only with a pair of jeans or a black pants that will be beautiful and chic, ready for a happy hour or a more informal meeting.

I think you’ve noticed that the booties have not come out of my parents right? Hahaha. I think looks with black boots as comfortable and stylish, the whole composition as I think I remember them, and want to use them. But the good of these looks like this, we can use a sneaker, a heel sandals or even a tennis, can vary widely.

Now tell me, is or is not a cute look and comfort’s face? I think it look like FDS, eye and already remember fun hahaha. Now I want to know from you what you think and if you use enough overalls, and what the composition of choice for you, ok?! Good weekend to all!