Time-Trend Accessory Hat, Tips and Templates

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Time-Trend accessory Hat 2013, tips and templates

The hats have always been an accessory used by all, men and women stylish. But, today the Not1 Blog will recall this accessory because it is Summer 2013 Tendency, ideal for young people and adults, of all the styles and ways, the tip is betting on hats and the template that most values.

Like the idea? Then check out the tips:

Trend tips Summer 2013-Hats:

Among the several accessories that we have, the hat is one of the only ones that fit with all people, because there are many models, and there’s always one that combines with us. The trend of the hats back because in addition to being super styles and stripped they protect, and people in View! How about add beauty and protection in a single accessory?

In addition to these advantages, the piece is familiar with the warm season, since the piece is usually colored and used by the most deprived. It is worth remembering that the hat is a piece stripped, but it has been introduced in more formal looks and this combination has given very right!

The models are varied and the colors too, if you like dare bet on colorful hats with Rhinestones, prints, etc. If you’re already a person who wants to avoid making mistakes, the tip is to bet on traditional models, which as the name, never go out of fashion.

Here are some templates and other tips:

** Hats with Long Tabs:

Hats in this style are recommended for the most romantic and elegant women. The model looks great with dark glasses and a bow on a hat:

** Hats of Short Tabs:

Used as much for men as for women’s super model stripped. Combines with various situations, since parties to formal events:

* Romantic Models:

* Patterned and stripped Models:


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