This Week’s Cape: Autumn Clothing

I don’t know how it’s been in other parts of Sweden, but in Stockholm was soon punctured to end summer this weekend. The fall came in the form of a omutbart rainy weather that put the final nails in the coffin of delicate shoes and holidays free of outerwear. This week’s Cape is then. Olof lifted a week agothe waxed jacket Excell and hit at the same time, a blow for Barbour. But the English are not the only ones with impregnated garments. For those who are not prepared to throw out nearly as much money as Barbour requests, Spanish Zara developed a wallet-friendly options. How well the Spaniards understand creating clothes adapted to the windswept North remains well to see, but the jacket is really nice and the price tag of about 1300 SEK is pretty f rlåtande.

They also serve it on some funny combination possibilities. If you feel like playing on godsägarelooken, I propose this hat from New York Hat & Cap Co. –for sale at Slatgo & Clemenza for 650 kr. Hat is also a piece of clothing that I think is best to just fall and Slatgo & Clemenza offer your hats in most styles. Take a turn past the inspiring store on Västmannagatan 79 and I promise that you will find it difficult to walk away empty handed.

If instead you want to reinforce the army feel of the jacket as is a trip to the newly opened t C.o.e. Shos on Her 3, to recommend. I settled on a pair of boots from Japanese TO & co. Unfortunately, the price tag me think after both one, two and five times before I turn to. For $4299 is in any case your. It should be said that the store has less expensive shoes, but it is nevertheless apparent how difficult it is to find really stylish boots with a price tag that is not to doubt their own prioriteringsförmåga.