These Designer Handbags are 2013 Absolute Must-Haves

The handbag usually contains half the life of a woman. Accordingly it is indispensable for her owner and is guarded with Argusaugen!  Many women even claim that they have a small handkerchief and passionately like to buy one model after another for their own collection of bags. No wonder! After all, the market offers so many different designer handbags, all of which are super beautiful or eerily practical. But which handbags should be missing in the pocket collection this season? Here are the three must-haves from 2013! 

Great in shape-trapeze pockets by Michael Kors
A very special favorite piece, which makes women’s heart beat faster this year, is the so-called trapeze pocket shape! It can be seen on the geometrical, angular trapezoid shape with the shortest possible handles. It is usually suspended casually over the forearm. Very high quality and beautiful is the Michael Kors Large Miranda Natural Grained Tote Bag in cognac brown.

Points high in the course-Allroundertaschen von Reisenthel
According to preorderhandbags, the Reisenthel ALLROUNDER M baroque bag is less elegant, but the more casual and practical. It is just the right bag for short and long journeys, but it is also suitable for shopping trips and can easily be carried over the shoulder. Many practical inner pockets provide for a lot of storage space and the material is particularly resilient. Available in different designs-an absolute highlight in this season, however, is the punk design in sand, which is full of the romantic print pattern in the current fashion.

The rocks-DKNY Clutches with noble rivets
If that is not a statement, what else? Rivets are THE trend of 2013 and are really good on black leather. DKNY has designed a trendy clutch for the nightlife, which will be a real sight with golden rivets! With this clutch the night can be stylishly celebrated