These 6 Pieces of Clothing Should Never be Worn

1. Top bustiers under shirt

It is a crazy, but at the same time provocative, trend: the sweet lace bralets, which are supposed to flash under a shirt.  This can look not only to a date, but also in everyday life pretty and elegant. If you are not working in a bank, the outfit can also be integrated into the job. Caution is, however, offered at the very first impression a future boss should make during a job interview. There should be no better associations. So always choose a top that does not risk a bra or bustier blitzer. After that, you can safely move again.

2. High Heels

No panic: High shoes are of course allowed in the discussion. On high heels, which have more than seven centimeters, one should however renounce, in order to look serious. Also better not rush shoes, which are worn very rarely. These are probably not so registered and you feel automatically more uncertain in them. In order to convince during the discussion talk, rather choose an outfit, including shoes, in which one feels all around. High heels, which push and hurt, are therefore superfluous.

3. A pair of jeans

There are always professional sectors where you can walk around with your jeans and sneakers in the normal working day. Nevertheless, you should consider the first impression of a more elegant trousers, because: Jeans, of course, provide a certain casualness that can be inappropriate in this situation. That is why it makes sense to go to a cloth pants, skirt or even a dress.

4. The right dress

Clothes always go with women. They are feminine, pretty and(almost) always noble. To meet exactly this style, it is important to observe a few rules. So the dress should always cover the knee, do not pop, have no too open-hearted neckline and best not be sleeveless. Particularly beautiful are, for example, dresses, models in A-line form and shirt dresses in classic colors such as blue, red, green, brown or black.

5. Too many accessories

A wedding ring, the watch and a chain look elegant. Everything that goes beyond or even statement jewelry is better kept for another occasion. After all, you do not want to give the impression of distracting with too many accessories from the actual conversation. This is why less is more according to HBBLTD.COM.

6. Pieces with brand logos

You love your Louis Vuitton bag deeply, for you have a lot of years to spare, but on the side you have a big”LV” logo? Then you would rather not bring her to an important conversation. This does not mean, of course, that you should turn up at H & M for the interview from head to toe. But large brand logos are often distracting from the essentials and can even appear pro-active. So: prefer to wear in the spare time or when the job is safe. So you’re on the safe side.