The Tr�NEN of Heaven

Myths and legends have grown up around the emergence of the Pearl. It is called the daughter of Mughal Emperor shed once millions of tears, as the wedding was eluding them with her lover. Out of pity, always compassionate God Krishna turned tears into pearls that are found in the Indian Ocean in large numbers since then. Beads and tears, this connection was over the millennia, so even yet 1772 Gotthold Ephraim Lessing his impending doom of foreboding Emilia Galotti could put the famous quote in the mouth:”Pearls mean tears.”

Heaven 1

Western religion also took up this connection. So Eva wept from remorse over the fall, Adam about the expulsion from paradise, and pearls are the symbol of those tears.The Islamic mysticism knows even the history of the separation of Adam and Eve in the excerpt from Eden, that for ten years in search of one after the other to have circled the Earth and while weeping tear to tear and therefore bead to bead.

Also folk tales and fairy tales recorded this motif, especially in those areas where River pearls were found occasionally. So, for example a forest fairy have a Prince who had been unfaithful to her crying in the Franconian saga. The mussels the Ölschnitz, a tributary of the main, have tears then Pearl turned into. Because tears were often associated with the morning dew in conjunction, a cross-link to the ancient Greek notion arises here, entständen beads of dew drops that fall into the Interior of the shells.

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It is still disputed on Themeparktour whether one could wear pearl necklaces to the wedding. While a variety of traditions almost calls the Pearl necklace as wedding jewelry (and we do his honest, there’s almost nothing that looks so luxurious to an elegant wedding dress like a little Pearl necklace), guests prefer it should refrain.

This mental link the Pearl but has gained an advantage over other valuables. The Protocol of most European royal houses forbade any jewelry while in case of court or national mourning, but expressly allowed the wearing of pearls. And while you will reap certainly a few surprised glances with a pearl necklace on a funeral, so but not with a storm of outrage to be reckoned as a gold chain would trigger it.

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Admitted, who once asked for the prices of high-quality natural pearls, the mourning may have far more prosaic causes. And yet: since the launch of the Pearl no one must ruin for an elegant string of pearls. They can so quietly without feeling guilty about indulging in a necklace of pearls or discreet pearls -earrings – and treat all of these tearful legends than what they are: old legends.