The Smart phone Market Will Have New Falls

Factors such as the high-dollar are responsible for questions of when buying a new mobile device.

After two years of positive numbers, the Brazilian market of smart phones should close the year 2015 with a drop of around 15% in the number of handsets sold. And, to 2016, the tendency is to follow the same levels.

For Leonardo Munin, research analyst of IDC Brazil, an explanation for this scenario is in fact the consumer have “a willingness to switch appliance”, but put off the most. “The purchase itself is not happening at the rate it should”, explains in an interview with iG.

The analyst, who expects a 10% drop in sales of smart phones in 2016, believes that the Brazilian has doubts that prevent you from turning the desire in a purchase effective on the current economic situation in the country. With the high-dollar, prices are passed on to the client, which doesn’t know about what is the best time to change my cell phone.

In addition, the annulment of the law of right allows the Smart phone vendors add about 10% of the final price of the equipment. The law exempted the taxes as the PIS/Pasep and Cofins for electronics companies to bring their productions to the Country, encouraging also the digital inclusion. With the MP 690/2015, the exemption ceases to be in force in 2016 to return back gradually until 2019.

Munin explains that another major factor for the fall in the number of handsets sold is the situation of the current consumer smartphone. If the device does not have operating problems, the consumer ends up opting to wait to buy a new one. “It’s not the size of the screen that he want to, doesn’t have the camera that he wishes, but it still works. Then, he manages to give a postponed the purchase, “he explains.


  • House approves MP suspending exemption of smartphones in 2016
  • Law of right: preliminary free tax company in smartphones until 2018
  • The Brazilian market of smartphones registers new drop in sales, says IDC
  • Brazilians with internet on your smartphone reach 76 million, says Nielsen Ratings

Even with the recent declines in the number of handsets sold, the Brazilian got used to buy more expensive smartphones. According to Munin, consumers began to buy “on a price range of R $1,000. If you go back on the market a couple of years, what more if sold here was in the range of R $500 “.

For the analyst, the Brazilian cellular user is maturing quickly. “The consumer check pay slightly more expensive on your smartphone as it sees an aggregate value in the product”. For this reason, smartphones with more advanced specifications as octa-core processors, batteries more durable and larger screens should be seen more often in 2016.

The year also promises a greater input of devices with 4 g connectivity. According to data from IDC, 46% of the units sold had the technology in the third quarter of 2015. Munin estimates that in 2016 75% of smartphones sold will be able to connect with the fourth generation of the internet.

With increasingly robust smartphones, the analyst believes it is more difficult to conquer the user by the hardware. So the best way out of the crisis in sales is to find additional benefits, which may offer services to improve the user’s routine.

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